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Courtesy visit by the official in charge of university interchange at the French embassy

Nov. 09, 2015

Dr. Malinas (center) during his visit to Meiji University

Dr. Malinas (center) during his visit to Meiji University
On September 18, the Meiji University Organization for International Collaboration received a courtesy visit from Dr. David-Antoine Malinas, who is in charge of university exchange at the French embassy to Japan, for discussion on future programs of student interchange at the Global Front on the Surugadai Campus. The participants on the Meiji University side were Vice President Etsuko Katsu (in charge of international exchange); Dr. Junko Yagasaki, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs (Professor of the School of Law); and Dr. Hideki Eto, Director, International Student Center (Associate Professor of the School of Law).
Dr. Malinas said that the French government was making arrangements for active acceptance of students from other countries, and wanted to accept more students from Japan as well. In response, Vice President Katsu said that generous support in such forms as grant-type scholarships would also be a plus for students. The two sides agreed to engage in coordination on the detailed provisions in the future.