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[International Student Voice] Vol.3 from China

Jan. 22, 2016

Here are the voices of international students who are studying at Meiji University, in the form of their answers to six questions.

Student: Mr. Yang Haiming
From: China
Faculty: School of Law
Grade: 4 (Undergraduate)

Q: Tell us what prompted you to aim for study in Japan, and the reason why you chose Meiji University.
Mr. Yang: I wanted to get away from the lazy, self-indulgent student life and push myself to accomplish something on my own with my life. So I decided to study abroad in Japan, which was something the people around me had been talking since when I graduated high school. The reason I chose Meiji University is because I felt it was a university that valued the individuality of its students as well as one of the most globalized universities.

What surprised you about Japan?
Mr. Yang: What surprised me when I came to Japan was the number of crows there are here. In China, crows are considered to be bringers of bad luck.

What is your favorite place on the Meiji University campuses?
Mr. Yang: My favorite place on the Meiji University campus is the stack room on floor B2 of Central Library.

Q: What is your favorite class?
Mr. Yang: My favorite class was “Introduction to Criminal Law” (by Professor Emeritus Kawabata) (taught until 2014).

Q: What is your dream?
Mr. Yang: My dream for the future is to start my own company and become the kind of person my family doesn’t need to worry about.

What is your favorite Japanese ideographic character (Kanji), and why?
Mr. Yang: My favorite kanji is “愛”, meaning “love.” In Chinese, we write it 爱, which is slightly different, but the Japanese character expresses three ideas: affection, caring for your blood relatives, and friendship. Writing 心 (meaning “heart”) inside the character emphasizes the importance of loving with your whole heart, so the Japanese way of writing 愛 is my favorite kanji.