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Solo recipient of the IESJ 2015 Outstanding Presentation Award

Feb. 23, 2016

On January 13, 2016, Ms. Chiharu Yoshida, a second-year doctoral course student in the Graduate School of Global Japanese Studies, was presented with the 2015 Outstanding Presentation Award by the Intercultural Education Society of Japan (IESJ).
Ms. Yoshida was selected for the presentation she made at the IESJ 36th Annual Conference held on June 6 and 7, 2015 (at Chiba University) titled, “What is Being Learned in Life in an International Dormitory Which Also Houses Japanese Students? – Focusing on the Stories of Resident Assistants.”
Ms. Makiko Kishi, an Assistant Professor in the School of Global Japanese Studies, won this award in 2013.

[Reason for selection]
Chiharu Yoshida (Meiji University Graduate School)
Ms. Yoshida’s research concerned life in a place where diverse cultures coexist, in the form of a dormitory housing both international and Japanese students. It is a challenging attempt to clarify learning by these students in this site, based on the legitimate peripheral participation theory and through analysis of data from interviews with the resident assistants of the dormitory. This investigative research shed light on subjects that had not been the focus of intercultural education studies to date and was highly acclaimed for its originality. There are high hopes for its contribution to the future practice of international student education and intercultural education, as well as for its possibilities as research.

“About the Outstanding Presentation Award” on the IESJ website (In Japanese)