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Meiji University ranked 1st in the Kanto area as a university admission choice for the 8th consecutive year!

Jul. 25, 2016

On July 14, Recruit Shingaku Souken released the results of the "University Brand Power Survey 2016." For the eighth consecutive year, Meiji University ranked first in the Kanto area as a "university to which students want to apply."
The survey was conducted by Recruit Shingaku Souken for the ninth time with a total of 74,000 third-year high school students in the Kanto, Tokai, and Kansai areas.
Meiji University was the top response overall as a "university to which students want to apply" in the Kanto area for the eighth consecutive year. Even in the breakdown by attributes, it ranked first for the eighth time and eighth consecutive year among male students, first for the seventh time and for the first time in two years among students intending to pursue humanities studies, and first for the fifth time and fifth consecutive year among those intending to pursue science studies (in the Kanto area in each case).