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Holding of a conference on financial studies with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing

Dec. 22, 2016

On November 28, the Headquarters of International Collaboration held a conference on financial studies together with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) at a hotel in Beijing, China. The conference was titled “Financial Risks in the Age of Negative Interest Rates.”

This was the second conference in the series that began with the first, which was held in November 2014 at Meiji University. Besides those from the CASS Institute of World Economics and Politics, the participants on the Chinese side included researchers from the People’s Bank of China, Tsinghua University, and the Central University of Finance and Economics. In addition to Etsuko Katsu, Professor of the School of Political Science and Economics, there were many other Japanese participants including Dr. Masahiro Kawai, Professor of the University of Tokyo (formerly Guest Professor of Meiji University); Kenji Wada, Chief Representative of the Bank of Japan Representative Office in Beijing; Eiichi Sekine, Chief Representative of the Beijing representative office of the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research; and Kumiko Okazaki, Research Director of the Canon Institute for Global Studies.