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2016 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony Held

Mar. 29, 2017

President Tsuchiya

President Tsuchiya

Chairman Yanagiya, of the Board of Trustees

Chairman Yanagiya, of the Board of Trustees

On March 26, Meiji University held its 2016 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony at Nippon Budokan (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). A total of 7,589 graduates (6,764 undergraduate and 825 graduate school students) embarked towards a new stage in their lives.
The ceremony was held in two separate sessions, in the morning and in the afternoon, for both undergraduate and graduate school students. In each session, the presentation of diplomas was followed by commencement speeches to the new graduates by President Keiichirou Tsuchiya; Takashi Yanagiya, Chairman, Board of Trustees; and Masao Mukaidono, Chairman, Alumni Association.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, messages from three graduates who are active in various industries were displayed on a screen inside the venue, and the attendees all sang the school song in unison. The graduates left the venue with bright smiles on their faces and began taking firm strides into their new “world”.

A photo gallery of the graduates taken at Nippon Budokan is available for viewing by all at the “MEIJI NOW” information site for Meiji University students.

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