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Autumn Entrance Ceremony for the 2017 Academic Year Held

Sep. 26, 2017

On September 19, Meiji University held the Autumn Entrance Ceremony for the 2017 academic year in Kishimoto Tatsuo Hall on the Surugadai Campus. The ceremony was held for a total of 72 new Meiji University students. They consisted of eight in the School of Global Japanese Studies, five in Graduate School (one in the Graduate School of Business Administration, three in the Graduate School of Science and Technology, and one in the Graduate School of Global Governance), and 59 in the Professional Graduate School (27 in the Graduate School of Governance Studies, 28 in the Graduate School of Global Business, and four in the Graduate School of Professional Accountancy).

In his address, President Keiichiro Tsuchiya traced the flow of university history to date and firmly asserted that universities were “places for the pursuit of human rights and peace, and places where we come together with the world to resolve issues facing humanity.” While further voicing his expectations for learning at Meiji University by students coming from various countries and regions, he welcomed the new students in English, saying, “I hope you will lead free-spirited and energetic lives reflecting our founding spirit keyed by the words ‘rights and liberty’ and ‘independence and self-government’.”

In his address, Takashi Yanagiya, Chairman, Board of Trustees, quoted the words of Masatoshi Koshiba, who was conferred with an honorary doctorate from Meiji University and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, saying, “Chances come only to those who make thorough preparations.” He expressed his hopes that the students will make great advances going forward, commenting, “Don’t neglect to make thorough preparations, take action with an enterprising spirit that looks ahead, and broaden your future possibilities.”