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Agreement for Partnership and Cooperation with Hosei and Kansai Universities

Sep. 29, 2017

(From left) Meiji University President Tsuchiya, Hosei University President Tanaka,<br/>
and Kansai University President Shibai

(From left) Meiji University President Tsuchiya, Hosei University President Tanaka,
and Kansai University President Shibai
On September 25, Meiji University concluded an agreement for partnership and cooperation with Hosei University and Kansai University.
Meiji University, Hosei University, and Kansai University were all founded in the 1880s and are private comprehensive universities located in major cities (Tokyo and Osaka). All three universities also share other points in common, including having their roots in legal education which served as the compass for the modernization of Japan, as well as being strongly influenced by Professor Boissonade, who is known as the “father of Japan’s modern legal system,” at the time of their founding.

The agreement aims to further enhance the content and quality of education and research activities with the three universities partnering and working together as well as to contribute to academic advancement and the development of capable and talented human resources. In addition to education and research partnership and cooperation will cover a wide range of areas including industry-academia collaboration, contribution to local communities, and student interchange.

The signing ceremony for the partnership and cooperation agreement was held at Kansai University Tokyo Center (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). In his comments, Meiji University President Tsuchiya expressed his expectations for future advancement stating, “It is extremely interesting that our three universities are joining hands in pursuit of educational reform in the areas of ‘mobility’ and ‘freedom’ at a time when we are entering a new age of educational innovation. This agreement will spur the emergence of a new vision for Japanese universities in the future.”