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Special Seminar Held by World Bank Vice President

Jun. 20, 2018

The Headquarters of International Collaboration held a special seminar in collaboration with the World Bank and World Bank Vice President Manuela Ferro at the Global Front at Surugadai Campus on Thursday, 7 June.

The purpose of the seminar was for the World Bank, which is a Multilateral Development Bank that provides financial loans, technological cooperation and policy advice to the governments of developing countries with the goal of reducing global poverty and promoting sustainable growth, was to implore students to take an active interest in pursuing a career in the field of international cooperation. Approximately 170 students at undergraduate, graduate and international students were in attendance.

At the Seminar, Vice President Ferro, who is in charge of Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS), gave a speech entitled “Toward the Future: The Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Development” in which she explained the role that the World Bank Group must play in confronting the multitude of challenges facing the global community, starting with the needs of developing countries. She further mentioned the importance of investing in human capital, dealing with natural disasters and economic crises, and delivered a message to students about the goal of eradicating poverty and sharing prosperity by 2030.