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Holding of the Japanese Speech Contest for International Students

Jan. 11, 2019

On December 1, Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center held the 23th President’s Cup Japanese Speech Contest for International Students at Global Front on the Surugadai Campus (with support by the Parent's Association Union and cooperation by the international exchange organization Campus Mate).

This year, it was entered by 15 international students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and France. With the theme “The wonder I found—university students in Japan,” international students gave various speeches, for example, about the differences that they have noticed between students in Japan and those in their home country since coming to Japan, changes in their way of thinking that have arisen during their time as international students, and everyday awareness gained through their international-student lives.

The President’s Cup was awarded to Ms. Ange Yan (a first year student in School of Agriculture, from China) for her speech titled “なんやねん アイデンティティ (Nanyanen Identity)”.

The contest was held since 1996 for the purpose of improving the Japanese language skills of international students and promoting their interchange with Japanese students.
In preparation for the contest, each entrant teamed up with a few Japanese-language advisors and elaborated their speeches for about two months.

The results of the judging for each prize and the speeches of the student entrants is available for viewing on the Meiji University website.

Ms. Ange Yan who won the President’s Cup (right) and Kosaku Dairokuno, Vice President

With the Japanese-language advisors and Campus Mate students