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Information on Special Exhibition “Visible but Invisible! Forefront of 3D Illusion”

Jul. 05, 2019

Meiji Institute for the Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences is an international research center on the subject of mathematical analysis of social and natural phenomena. One of the research themes is clarification of the familiar and mysterious phenomenon “illusion.” In this exhibition, the surprising trigger of the start of illusion research will be shown, what is illusion will be thought, and the social significance of researching illusion will be clarified. In addition, concrete mathematical models of 3D illusion will be presented, and you can see a lot of illusions found by simulation.
Period:  July 13 (Sat.) to September 8 (Sun.), 2019
             *Closed on August 10-16 and 18
Venue:  Special Exhibition Room in Meiji University Museum
Opening hours:  10:00-17:00 (Please enter by 16:30)
Fee:  Free

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:  [Gallery talk]
July 17 (Wed.), August 23 (Fri.), and September 5 (Thu.)
Start at 14:00 on any of the days above
Lecturer: Kokichi Sugihara, Ph.D. (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Meiji University)
Application is not required. Please visit the special exhibition room on the day
Sponsor: Meiji University
Planners: Meiji Institute for the Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS)
Illusion research team of the Private University Research Branding Project on “Meiji University Doing Mathematical Sciences” 
Meiji University Museum