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School of Global Japanese Studies partners with ISIC to introduce originally designed international student identity card to be distributed to all students studying overseas

Oct. 03, 2019

The School of Global Japanese Studies has reached a collaborative brand partner agreement with ISIC JAPAN to produce an international student identity card (virtual card) designed exclusively for the School.

The ISIC is the only international student identity card recognized globally and is also recommended by UNESCO, UNWTO, and other government organizations and agencies.

Over five million students worldwide use the ISIC card and enjoy its benefits every year. In addition to enabling users to prove that they are students in the country they are studying, it also enables them to get discounts for various goods and services at tourist spots and accommodations worldwide. It is a convenient card that can also be used for overseas study and travel. (ISIC JAPAN

Since it was founded in 2008, the School of Global Japanese Studies has been promoting international study and a large number of students go overseas to study every year. As a new initiative to support students studying, interning, and volunteering overseas, all students who were going to go overseas were given an international student card (virtual card) from this summer. From next spring (FY2020), all students studying at the School of Global Japanese Studies will also receive the cards.