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Spring Semester Classes in AY 2020

Apr. 02, 2020

To new and current students, and their families
Meiji University

[Important Notice]
Spring Semester Classes in AY 2020
We previously announced that the start date of classes for the Spring Semester in AY 2020 was to be postponed to April 22. However, in view of the growing impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection rate in Japan and the fact that there is still no prospect of being able to ensure safety at this point, the start date of classes will be further postponed to May 7.

As a result of this change, we will discontinue issuing student ID cards to new students as we announced previously. In addition, the schedule for Online Orientation be delayed by 2 weeks. Videos will be made available on the Internet and documents for downloading. Online guidance will be released as it is ready, without waiting for the start date. Regular Orientation for all students will also be delayed by 2 weeks.

It may be necessary to further postpone normal classes where students attend the university if the situation of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in Japan worsen. In that case, classes will be replaced by online classes. If further changes become necessary, we will announce them on the university's website. The announcement will be made around April 22, so please check the website at regular intervals to make sure you are fully informed.

The one-year postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games means that in order to ensure the required number of class hours, the end date of classes for the Spring Semester AY2020 and the schedule for Final Examinations will be postponed by 2 weeks from the original scheduled date.

Please check here for the revised changes to the AY2020 Spring Semester Academic Calendar.
=> AY 2020 Spring Semester Academic Calendar (Novel Coronavirus Infections Re-Modified Version)

Many freshmen and current students may be concerned about what will happen to their university classes due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please be assured that we will continue to make strenuous efforts to ensure that everyone can pursue their studies with peace of mind. The university asks for your kind understanding during this difficult period and hopes that everyone will keep safe.