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Two new videos are released at “Incredible Senseis at Meiji University,” a video series showcasing Meiji’s world-class research

Jun. 25, 2020

Meiji University creates a series of promotional videos, “Incredible Senseis at Meiji University,” and a landing page to tell the world about its research, which leads the field not only at home in Japan but also abroad. Using English-language narration and subtitles in English and Japanese, the new videos introduce the work of Professor Homei Miyashita and Yoji Kuroda.

The videos make the results of our university’s cutting-edge research, which aims to contribute to society, easily accessible to and engaging for a broad general audience, rather than simply to other researchers. They combine animation and explanations by the researchers themselves, paired with catchy music and narration to create highly ingenious and attractive movies.

“Incredible Senseis at Meiji University”

“What is the Shape of a Future Computer?” Is There Something You Want in the Future? Try Making It!  

Homei Miyashita, Ph.D.
Professor, Department Chair of Frontier Media Science, School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences

Imagine something you want in the future and harness the power of computers and 3D printers to create a prototype. In Professor Homei Miyashita’s lab, students are exploring the future by giving form to these kinds of ideas. What can we make, and how, to live more happily? A whole range of challenges is under way. 

“Can Robots Get Along with Humans?”
Practical Robots Now in Training.

Yoji Kuroda, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Science and Technology

Professor Yoji Kuroda is working on practical application of user-friendly robots capable of performing security duties and dangerous work as a tool of humans. Robots hold the key to resolving Japan’s labor shortage, but in order to move around smoothly and do their work even in crowds, they need plenty of real-world experience. Enter the new robot recruit. It makes you want to keep a fond eye on it.