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Cancellation of face-to-face class sessions because of the spread of the COVID-19 infection in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Jul. 15, 2020

To all students, faculty and staff of Meiji University

Cancellation of face-to-face class sessions because of the spread of
the COVID-19 infection in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Since July 1, we at Meiji University have lowered the Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines to "Level 2" and have partially resumed face to face class sessions. However, the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus is increasing again in the Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa areas. The infection has been spreading nationwide recently and it is expected to continue for some time. Also, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government raised the virus alert to the highest level today.

Therefore, we have officially decided to SUSPEND face-to-face class sessions until the end of July, 2020, putting our top priority on the safety of students and faculty members of Meiji University.

It is regrettable that we are now forced to suspend face-to-face class sessions just before their restart. However, we have made this crucial decision because we are determined that no one at Meiji University will get infected with COVID-19. We can assure you that the decision is both circumspect and carefully considered. Your understanding and cooperation at this difficult time are highly appreciated.

1. Suspension of face-to-face class sessions;
All face-to-face class sessions must be cancelled from July 17 to July 29.

All students should follow the instructions of faculty members regarding alternative classes for the face to face class sessions scheduled between July 17 and July 29. 2020.
Information on the handling of class lessons after July 30, including the Fall Semester 2020, will be announced by July 29, 2020.

2. Utilization of laboratories and facilities attached to laboratories;
Use of laboratories and related facilities will still be permitted for educational and research purposes only. But we would like to ask you once again to refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent use and to limit use of these facilities to the minimum.

3. Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines level;
The Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines level remains at "Level 2".
However, we may change the level of the Activity Restriction Guidelines, depending on the infection situation and the policies of the central and local governments.

4. Entry into each campus and measures to prevent the spread of infection;
In light of the current situation in which the number of people being infected is increasing nationwide, further attention should be paid to preventing the spread of the infection. Please refer to the following university website for details on entry procedures to campus facilities.

All of you are kindly requested to act in a socially responsible manner, on the basis of the principle that, "I will not get infected and nor will I spread the infection to others."

Kosaku Dairokuno
President, Meiji University