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Academic year 2021 - Classes

Dec. 17, 2020

To students, their families and students considering coming to Meiji University

 Meiji University President

Academic year 2021 - Classes

Amid the continuing impact of the spread of the COVID-19 infection, Meiji University conducted its FY 2020 Fall Semester classes mainly online to ensure the health and safety of students and their families, and to help curb the spread of infections generally. However, face-to-face classes have also been held to provide students with as many learning opportunities as possible while at the same time taking every precaution to prevent infection.
During this period, as well as working to improve the quality of online classes, we have been providing various opportunities for students to attend campus. In addition to classes, we have focused on creating an environment in which students can experience university life, become familiar with the campus, and learn together with friends.
On the basis of what we have learned from these experiences, we have decided to switch to face-to-face classes in FY 2021. Naturally, all necessary measures will be taken to prevent infection as we conduct classes on university premises.
Online classes will still be on offer, particularly for students with underlying medical conditions and for international students who are not able to enter Japan. Class management will be carried out with a view to developing a new form of post-corona education incorporating the best mix of face-to-face and online approaches. The details are outlined in the following management policy report (first report).
The entire Meiji University faculty and staff will do their utmost to ensure that students can return safely to a vibrant campus life. We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Course Management Policy for FY 2021 (First Report: Update)

According to the Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines level (0 to 5), a course management policy will be developed for each level as set out below, in order to be prepared for all situations. Based on this, we will prepare for course management at Activity Restriction Guidelines Level 1.
The situation will be under continuous review, based on the evolving status of the COVID-19 spread of infections. A second report will be available around the end of January. Please check the Meiji University website, etc.

Activity Restriction Guidelines Level 0
【Assuming a situation in which education and research activities can be conducted without the need for measures against infectious diseases】
All classes to be conducted face-to-face.
However, classes that are deemed to be educationally more effective by being conducted online than face-to-face will be conducted online. Those classes that are better conducted by eliminating constraints such as physical location or real time will be conducted online.
At this level, since students, including international students, are expected to attend classes face-to-face, they should live within commuting distance of the campus.

Activity Restriction Guidelines Level 1
【Assuming a situation in which normal educational and research activities can be conducted under measures including avoiding crowding on the campus】
In principle, we would aim to hold about 70% of total classes face-to-face. In such a situation, care will be taken to avoid crowding, by increasing the space between the seats in classrooms, and other measures to prevent infection on campus.
Approximately 30% of all classes will be conducted online. (Primarily on an on-demand basis).
At this level, classes will be conducted on the assumption that students will attend campus, so students need to live within commuting distance. However, online classes will be available to students who have difficulty in attending school due to unavoidable reasons, such as having an underlying medical condition that could become severe as a result of being infected by the new coronavirus.

Activity Restriction Guidelines Level 2
【Assuming a situation in which certain restrictions on educational and research activities are necessary even after measures are taken to prevent infection within the university】
In principle, we would aim to provide about 30% of selected classes face-to-face while 70% would be conducted online. The face-to face focus would be on classes that require such teaching and on providing face-to-face classes for freshmen and sophomores. The remaining 70% of classes will be conducted online (on-demand type, real-time type, and material presentation type).
Even when face-to-face classes are conducted, online classes will also be available, in parallel, for students who have difficulty attending school because of the coronavirus infection.
When Face-to-face classes are conducted preventative measures will be taken to avoid infection on campus. These will include reducing the number of students using the classrooms to avoid crowding.
At this level, classes will be mainly conducted online, but some classes will also be conducted face-to-face. Students are encouraged to decide whether or not to move within commuting distance of the campus.

Activity Restriction Guidelines level 3, level 4 and level 5
【Assuming a situation in which it is necessary to suspend educational and research activities on campus even after taking measures against infection】
All classes are to be conducted online.
At this level, Students will not be allowed to enter university premises, so there is no need to live within commuting distance of the campus. (All students will take classes at home.)

・At all levels, it is necessary to ensure an environment (PC, Wi-Fi, etc.) in which students can take online classes. Please prepare for this.
・Please note that depending on the spread of the COVID-19 infection, we may have to change the level of class management during the semester.