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Academic Year 2021 Classes (Fourth Report) Notice concerning the Response to the “Quasi-Emergency COVID-19 Measures” issued by the Government of Japan.

Apr. 14, 2021

To all students, faculty and staff of Meiji University

Meiji University
Academic Year 2021 Classes (Fourth Report)
Notice concerning the Response to the “Quasi-Emergency COVID-19 Measures” issued by the Government of Japan.

This Spring Semester, starting April 1st., it has been very pleasant to see a lot of Meiji students back on our campuses attending face-to-face class sessions. Students, faculty and staff members of Meiji University are delighted and excited to see this revival of our vibrant student campus life.

However, the Government of Japan has instructed the Tokyo Metropolitan Area to follow “Quasi-Emergency COVID-19 Measures” for the period from April 12 to May 11, 2021.

The Quasi-Emergency COVID-19 measures are applicable to the Surugadai, Izumi and Nakano campuses as they are located in Tokyo. However, we at Meiji University will continue to conduct mainly face-to-face class sessions as previously planned, in accordance with “Meiji University’s Activity Restriction Guidelines” Level 1 policy. But please keep in mind that the Activity Restriction Guidelines Level will be upgraded, if the spread of the COVID-19 infection gets worse.

As stated in the previous Notice “Academic Year 2021 – Classes (Third Report)” posted on March 17, 2021, Meiji University has implemented plans to reduce the number of students attending its campuses. These measures include putting some scheduled face-to-face classes online from April 8 to the end of Golden Week. This is in order to alleviate congestion at the start of the Spring Semester.

Since the start of this semester, we at Meiji University have established our own stringent rules concerning classroom capacity to ensure classroom safety at each campus. That is to say, the capacity of each classroom is limited to two-thirds of its original capacity. And to prevent infections as much as possible, the distance between students in classrooms is to be kept to at least 1 meter.
It is very important for all students who take face-to-face classes to behave responsibly. This means that everyone should abide by the principle, "I will not get infected and nor will I spread the infection to others." This should apply both on and off the university campus. It is especially important that students refrain from drinking alcohol with friends. Students should also eat their meals quietly before or after your class.

We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation so that students, faculty members and staff of Meiji University can work together to overcome the COVID-19 infection and "Go forward".

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