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Holding of the 2020 and 2021 Academic Years Entrance Ceremony

Apr. 08, 2021

On April 7, Meiji University held the Entrance Ceremony for the 2020 and 2021 Academic Years at Nippon Budokan (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo). At the ceremony, 8,776 students (7,729 undergraduate and 1,047 graduate students) for the AY2021 and 8,304 students (7,331 undergraduate and 973 graduate students) for the AY2020 took their first step as Meiji University students.

The ceremony was held in three separate parts, for both undergraduates and Graduate School students. In each part, the proceedings began with a remark by President Kosaku Dairokuno, followed by felicitations by Takashi Yanagiya, Chairman, Board of Trustees, and a declaration delivered by a representative of the newly entering students.

President Dairokuno
Chairman Yanagiya, the Board of Trustees