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[Rugby Football Club] Becomes vice-champion in the All-Japan University Rugby Championships for the first time in 2 years

Jan. 18, 2022

The 58th All-Japan University Rugby Championship final was held on January 9 at the National Stadium in Tokyo. The Meiji University Rugby Football Club team was defeated by Teikyo University 14-27, becoming runners-up for the twelfth time, and the first time in two years.

Meiji University, who conceded the lead in the first half, created a maul right in front of the opposing team’s goal line nine minutes into the second half and, cheered on by the crowd clapping hands, Kaito Tamori (4th year in the School of Political Science and Economics) broke free and scored the team’s first try of the match.

In the thirty-fifth minute of the second half, Rikuto Fukuda (4th year in the School of Law) scored a try, while Yuya Hirose (2nd year in the School of Commerce) kicked a successful conversion. However, their continued bold attacks were blocked by Teikyo University’s solid defense until the whistle went for no side and the match ended.

Comments from the Coach, Hiroyuki Kamitori
I would like to congratulate Teikyo University on their victory. We were beaten soundly in today’s match, but the team did really well, particularly the fourth-year players. I would like to express my gratitude for having been allowed to lead this team, and particularly to the fourth-year players. The result was disappointing, but I hope to carry the pride at having got this far into next year, and build a good team in order to keep trying.

Comments from the Captain, Ren Iinuma (4th year in the School of Business Administration)
As the result of the single-minded efforts towards our goal made by all club members ever since the spring, we were able to become runners-up. I want to let the club members coming after me know that we were able to display Meiji’s new colors; I think that we were a really great team.

Captain Ren Iinuma receiving the Vice-Champions’ Cup
Full-body try by Kaito Tamori (9th minute of the second half)

Try by Rikuto Fukuda (35th minute of the second half)

The team greeting the crowd after a tough fight