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The University President shares his thoughts at the start of the year

Jan. 01, 2013

Toward tomorrow

Nine months have passed since the transition to the new university administration and we have welcomed the New Year. Let me first take this opportunity to extend to you my greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Last year saw the completion of the Center for Collaboration in the Community by Industry and Academia, Kurokawa Farm, and Izumi Library, creating operating bases that further strengthen the uniqueness of Meiji University. Each with its own particular and distinct functions, they have attracted attention from both within and outside the university.

Surrounded by this air of freshness, Meiji University is embarking on steps forward toward progress. With the completion of the Nakano Campus right around the corner, we are advancing preparations for its opening in the new school year. The Nakano Campus will be home to the two newly established School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences and International Program in Architecture and Urban Design at the Graduate School of Science and Technology. They will be joined by the School of Global Japanese Studies, the Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Studies, the Program in Frontier Sciences and Innovation at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, and the Graduate School of Global Japanese Studies, which are moving from other campuses. Comprising such distinct faculties and graduate schools, there is great expectation for the Nakano Campus to actively develop into a hub for internationalization, frontier research, and community partnerships.

Furthermore, the Global Front that will house liberal arts graduate schools and research base facilities is being built on the site where previously stood Building 11 of the Surugadai Campus and it will be completed in time for its opening in April. I am firmly convinced that the Global Front will catalyze active research developments and rich accomplishments as a research hub to the world.

Additionally, the three programs selected in September 2012 for the Support for University Educational Reform project (competitive grant) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will launch their curricula on a full scale in the new school year. The three programs are the program to cultivate young people to contribute to international cooperation in collaboration, among others, with international organizations (joint program between Meiji University, Rikkyo University, and the International University of Japan), the program to cultivate practical-minded leaders focusing on knowledge of Japan-ASEAN relations, and the program to cultivate an “empowered public” of creative minds based on strong personalities. The size of the grant is about 1.2 billion yen over four and a half years. Initiatives involving the entire university will be undertaken for each program in order to further internationalization at Meiji University.

With the fruits of such efforts as a foundation, we will be expected to envision how we can develop even further and work actively to achieve our vision. I strongly believe that only by the sweat of our brow can we discover an accurate view of the future. We will make steady and continuous efforts without being misled by unfounded fears. I ask for your support as we move forward with our endeavors.

Kenichi Fukumiya
President, Meiji University