Doctoral Course Application Guideline

Application Documents

Applicants who wish to apply to the doctoral course of the Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences (Mathematical Sciences Program and Frontier Media Science Program) should download and submit necessary documents from below.  Necessary documents will differ depending on the type of exam (Type-A or Type-B) you are applying to. Please read the application guideline carefully when preparing the documents.

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The application guideline for 2020 admission has been released.

Application Documents
1. Faculty List
2. Application Guideline
3.Application Form A
4. Application Form B (Type-A applicants)
5.Application Form B (Type-B applicants)
6.Application Form for Admission of International Students (Form 1)
7. Research Plan
    Resarch Plan
8.Language Proficiency Sheet
9. Recommendation Letter (1) (Type-B applicants only)
10. Recommnedation Letter (2) (Type-B applicants only)
11. Statement of Financial Resources
12. Documents Checklist
13.Request for Verification of Application Qualification
      ※Only Appplicant who are required to evaluate their Entry Requirements
14. 【Example】 Application Form A
15.【Example】 Application Form B (Type B)

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