Doctoral Program Students

Matriculation Year 2017

KOSIBATY Neda 【Mathematical Sciences Program】

Academic Background Master of  Science, Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Research Theme Constructing human brain network model using algebraic topology techniques
Superviser Hirokazu Ninomiya 
Takeshi HORI 【Frontier Media Science Program】

Hiroaki Kikuchi
Academic Background Master of Mathematical Sciences, Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University
Research Theme  Research on machine learning and mathematical models for ensemble music performances
Superviser Hiroaki Kikuchi
Tomohiro SHIGEMOTO 【Frontier Media Science Program】

Academic Background Master of  Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science,  Osaka University
Research Theme Study on automatic defense by learning from user behavior
Superviser Hiroaki Kikuchi
Wilk, Christoph Matthias 【Frontier Media Science Program】

Academic Background Master of Science in Computational Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Heidelberg University
Research Theme Automatic music composition, including related signal processing and musical analysis
Superviser Hiroaki Kikuchi

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