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A Message from the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Letters

Dr.phil. Hiroko Mizuno

Welcome to the fountain of wisdom, the Graduate School of Arts and Letters!
– From a small topic to a larger and more universal question

As almost a quarter of this century has passed, the world is going through a tumultuous time. Changes that we have witnessed, such as the development of information technology and the diversification of society, are rapid and multidirectional. Humanity has undoubtedly benefited a lot from these changes and innovations. On the other hand, however, the shifts have led to many problems. Among others are widespread social disparities and environmental and climate crises. Irreversible structural transformation may have arisen at various levels. In such accelerating changes, we need to acquire the capability to think critically and propose solutions for the challenges from multiple perspectives. In this sense, I believe that the humanities is a study that develops both insight based on disciplinary expertise and a sophisticated mind based on a wide range of learning and a field that cultivates the ability to set agendas that cannot be simply answered.

To address the complex challenges of the modern world, Meiji University’s Graduate School of Arts and Letters offers 14 majors and specialized courses parted by discipline, from literature, drama and theater arts to history, geography, psychology, sociology, and education. It goes without saying that cross-disciplinary thinking is increasingly essential for living in a turbulent world. However, when you want to grasp the essence of a problem, the expertise underpinning your research leads you to further thinking. Of course, it is undesirable to confine graduate students with high potential to a conventional style owing to small-scale majors and specialized courses. In addition to seminars and other courses focusing on each discipline, the Graduate School of Arts and Letters offers a variety of interdisciplinary subjects to learn through friendly competition with students from different fields. Starting in 2024, a new special foreign languages program will be offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Our school has set up multiple research grant opportunities for graduate students. We hope those who wish to pursue research at graduate school will actively engage in academic exchanges with faculty and academics in various fields, regardless of their major or school.

At graduate school, students are often required to present their research or write a thesis for a limited time and need to set a somewhat manageable research topic. In doing so, it is crucial to explore a larger and more universal question while taking a closer look at the seemingly small theme. Our graduates who have acquired such ability are active inside and outside the academia.

Finally, the Graduate School of Arts and Letters consists of members from diverse backgrounds. We would like to support each of them as much as possible so that they can spend their academic life freely and comfortably. Why not study together at our fountain of wisdom, the Graduate School of Arts and Letters?


Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Letters
Dr. Hiroko MIZUNO, 
Professor of European Modern and Contemporary History