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Renewal of -Proposals from Meiji University to society

Sep. 15, 2015
Meiji University recently launched the renewed version of, its information website. provides information on education and research at the university to society at large in simpler terms.
The website includes a page titled “M's Opinion,” through which Meiji University faculty members make proposals on all kinds of issues in society (the page is updated three times a month). So far, a total of about 70 articles have been posted on the page.The articles present commentaries on a range of issues, including the shrinking birthrate, regional economy revitalization, Abenomics, and the Juvenile Act, in language that is easy to understand.
Another page titled “Streams for Understanding!” (updated once a month) shows motion-video scenes of all types of research under way at the university.The page conveys the close connection between issues involved in daily life activities and research at Meiji University. can be viewed on computers and smartphones.