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Announcing On-campus vaccinations for COVID-19 at Meiji University (5th Report) -Details of how the COVID-19 vaccinations will be carried out on site at Meiji University-

Aug. 20, 2021

As previously announced, we will start on-campus vaccinations at Meiji University for COVID-19. They will be provided at the Surugadai campus from September 1st, 2021. For details, please refer to the following information.

【Persons eligible for vaccination】

※ First, please read the instructions under, “People who cannot receive the vaccine”, on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s website. (MHLW).
Make sure that you are eligible to receive the vaccinations at Meiji University.

  Eligible people are:
・All Meiji students including auditing students and non-degree students.
・All faculty and staff members of Meiji University Incorporated, including part-time lecturers, contracted staff and temporary staff.
・Those people who are permitted to receive vaccinations by Meiji University.
  ※ Those who have already been vaccinated are excluded.
  ※ The vaccinations at the university are free of charge.
【Vaccination Site】
Academy Common Building 1st and 2nd Floors, Surugadai Campus, Meiji University
Address: 1-1, Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8301, Japan
Campus Map: Click here

【Vaccine rollout date】
■ 1st Dose: Dates designated by the university between September 1st and 16th.
■ 2nd Dose: Dates designated date by the university between September 29th and October 14th.

※ Please check the vaccination dates using the quick reference table.
※ The 2nd dose will be provided on the same day of the week, and at the same time slot 4 weeks after the 1st dose.
So, make your reservation by checking carefully with the quick reference table.
For example, if you make a reservation at 11:30am on September 1st for the 1st dose, then your 2nd dose will be automatically set at 11:30am on September 29th.
※ Some post-vaccination side effects have been reported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and
Welfare. (MHLW). Please be aware of these before making your reservations for the

【Type of Vaccine】
■The vaccine manufactured by Takeda / Moderna will be used at the university’s site.
Please be sure to review the following website in advance for details about the vaccine.
※ The vaccinations are given twice, usually four weeks apart.

【Vaccination Reservations】
You must make reservations for the vaccinations. So, be sure to book in advance.

■ For Meiji University students and faculty members;
The URL for the website dedicated to vaccination reservations will be announced on August 24 through the “Oh-o! Meiji System”. So please log on to the system. If you are unfamiliar with the “Oh-o! Meiji System”, please contact the office of your school.

■ For the university’s administrative staff;
Please refer to the staff portal site “MICS”.

■ For other eligible persons;
You will be informed by the university in other ways.

【Reservation Period】
From 10:00 am on August 25 to 4:00 pm on August 31, 2021

【What to Bring】
The following documents must be printed out in advance and brought with you to the site
※ Please print out your documents on A4 sheets (one side only).
※ Please fill in your personal information such as your name, address, DOB, emergency contact etc.
※ Please use a ballpoint pen to fill out the form. Never to use an erasable pen or pencil.

Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire for COVID-19 vaccination
Click here to download the form.
Please fill in the above Japanese form by referring to sample form translated into English
and the instructions entitled “やさしいにほんごの資料(しりょう)”.

Record of Vaccination
Click here to download the form.

Emergency Contact & Follow-up Card
Click here to download the form.

Identity Verification Documents
Please bring your own IDs such as Student ID Card, Staff ID Card, Passport and Driver’s license etc.

Vaccination coupons issued by a local government (If you have them)
※ Vaccinations are available without the vaccination coupons issued by local governments.
However, the coupons must be submitted to the designated office at Meiji University, once you
receive them

【What to wear】
■Please wear a short-sleeved top for easy vaccination.
■Please wear a face mask.
■No lockers or cloakrooms are available at the site.

【Flow of Vaccinations】
1 Reception
2 Pre-vaccination Screening by doctors
3 Vaccination
4 Follow-up period supervised by doctors/nurses (Duration: 15-30mins)

※ It will usually take about 1 hour to complete the vaccination. However, it may take more time depending on how congested the site is.

【Important Notes】
■Failure to present your identity verification documents will result in the cancellation of your vaccinations.
■If you feel unwell on the reservation day, please do not get vaccinated. And you need to contact
Meiji University’s Vaccination Site Call Center and cancel your reservation.
■If you have got vaccinated or plan to get vaccinated with other kinds of vaccines such as influenza, please contact Meiji University’s Vaccination Site Call Center and consult them in advance.
■Please arrive on time for your vaccination.
■Students who get the university vaccination will be allowed to be absent from class for the vaccination itself and if they feel unwell as a result of the vaccination. For details, please contact the faculty member in charge of each class.

■Call Center for Meiji University’s Vaccination Site (Available from August 24)
【Phone】 03-5402-6419
【Opening Hours】 9:45am to 5:45pm on week days

■Inquiries about classes;
Please contact the office of your school with the following inquiry form;

■Emergency Contact for post-vaccination side effects
□ COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center (MHLW)
☎ 0120-565-653   9 am ~ 9 pm (Open on weekends and holidays)

□ Side effects Consulting Desk (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
☎ 03-6258-5802   24-hour operation

□ Side effects Consulting Desk (Saitama Prefecture)
☎ 0570-033-226   24-hour operation

□ Side effects Consulting Desk (Kanagawa Prefecture)
☎ 045-285-0719   24-hour operation

□ Side effects Consulting Desk (Chiba Prefecture)
☎ 03-6412-9326   24-hour operation