Go Forward

The goal of the Graduate School of Professional Accountancy with a Major in Professional Accountancy is to nurture the qualities and the highly specialized skills students need to become accounting professionals such as certified public accountants, accountants in the public service or private-sector companies, and tax specialists.

Because it is vital that high-level accounting professionals have accurate decision-making abilities backed by a high degree of specialist knowledge and skills as well as professional ethics, we at the Graduate School of Professional Accountancy have established three specific objectives for the course:

  1. To ensure a thorough understanding of the importance of good governance and the necessity of compliance by studying case studies of professional ethics violations and similar incidents in lectures;
  2. To ensure an accurate understanding of the philosophies behind accounting standards and laws by not only interpreting legal and accounting standards but by also studying the underlying philosophies in lectures, and thereby develop students’ abilities to make appropriate judgments in cases where no governing laws are in place; and
  3. To teach students how to use the accounting software products routinely being used by corporations, to develop students’ abilities to make presentations in English, and to foster the practical skills needed to identify and address problems in professional accounting scenarios.

Our goal is to use our curriculum encourage students to build a high awareness of professional values and ethics, acquire specialized knowledge needed to fulfill the social mission of accounting, auditing and tax specialists, and master the state-of-the-art skills needed to function as a professional in the modern age of globalization and computerization.