Go Forward


Intellect, Skills, Compassion and Individuality

With the opening of 21st century, the rapid development of the field of information technology has affected life-changing trends, such as globalization, the reform of structures and the creation of a new value system. Now, people are forced to rethink and revise the foundations of supposed common sense, and to look more prudently at precedents which had been accepted simply because they were precedents. This is truly the historical process of the creation of the new intellect and establishment of its bearers, the result being the advent of the concept of individuality. At the same time, it points to the coming of an age that requires solid professional skills and strict codes of ethics.

As a response to the demands of this new era, Meiji University founded the Graduate School of Professional Accountancy in 2005. The School is based on the tradition of Meiji University, and has sent forth a large number of professional accountants. It aims to nurture the leaders who will contribute to international economic community, and who can assume roles as intelligent, skilled, and compassionate individuals.

To achieve these lofty purposes, the school designs its curricula to include those components necessary to quality education, such as international accountancy programs in conjunction with foreign universities and business presentation classes to correspond to today’s global business fields. The school also maintains extensive accounting software for training to respond to today’s hyper-information society, and it offers small class with an emphasis on case studies. These two years of study in the school will result in significant experiences carrying over into your professional life.

It is my hope to introduce you to the best way to be an excellent professional accountant.