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Agriculture is a field of research that is responsible for science and technology needed to produce foodstuffs and biomaterials while preserving the earth’s ecosystem on a sustained basis. Today, as environmental problems on a global scale become increasingly serious, the role which agriculture is expected to play is becoming bigger than ever before. Based on the key words of “food,” “environment,” and “life,” the Meiji University Graduate School of Agriculture is engaged in education and research from a wide variety of approaches ranging from life sciences to social sciences in order to solve these important issues.
 The Graduate School of Agriculture offers majors in the four fields of agricultural chemistry, agriculture, agricultural economics, and life sciences. It is a forum of lively education and research activities by the faculty and graduate students. The Graduate School is equipped with the kind of advanced research equipment needed for leading-edge research in the field of life sciences as well as a thorough research system. In addition, it opened the Meiji University Advanced Plant Factory Research Center in 2011 and Kurokawa Farm, whose concept is a facility that is in harmony with the environment, nature, and surrounding community, in 2012. This was followed by the completion of construction on a new building with the latest facilities in 2014, which further augmented and enhanced the equipment available to support vigorous activities. I am delighted to say that, thanks to the efforts of our students, the Graduate School of Agriculture has generated a large number of high-level academic papers and presentations at learned societies. For the future, the Graduate School intends to continue actively introducing new technologies while augmenting its faculty and striving for contribution to society in the research aspect.
 Furthermore, the Graduate School of Agriculture also aims to develop human resources in possession of high-level expertise, who are able to engage in problem-solving by applying a broad perspective. To this end, we are expanding support for our students. More specifically, this support may be exemplified by the research associate program aimed at nurturing young researchers; the program for teaching assistants (TA) and research assistants (RA), which constitute training for teachers and scholars; various types of scholarships; and a career support system to assist decisions on career paths. All members of the faculty make a concerted effort to help our students lead a fulfilling research life while in the Graduate School. We are looking forward to the entrance of many students who aspire to research in the field of agriculture.

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