Go Forward

The Graduate School of Commerce is one of the most prestigious research and education institutions of commercial science in Japan as well as in East Asia, whose educational programs have successfully been developed to cultivate leading academics and business professionals based on the 107-year proud history of the research and education in commercial science at the School of Commerce.

The educational programs the graduate school provides cover all the research areas of commercial science including (a) economics, (b) commerce, (c) business administration, (d) accounting, (e) finance and securities, (f) insurance, (g) transportation and (h) international trade, and the eight research courses are set up to allow the students to make deep study and research into one of these areas. The curriculum at each course is carefully designed so that every student can acquire fundamentals and basics of his/her study through small-group instruction and the capacity to conduct advanced research under the mentorship of his/her supervisor.

The educational objective of the master's program at the school is to nurture scholars who possess a fundamental research capability and business professionals who have expertise sufficient to independently engage in business activities though providing the students with advanced knowledge and expertise related to commercial science.

The educational goal of the PhD program is to cultivate researchers in the field of commercial science who have not only the creative and innovative research capability to proactively promote globally competitive research but the teaching ability to mentor younger scholars.