Graduate School of Science and Technology

Curriculum Chart

Electrical Engineering

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
Electrical and Physical Properties Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Electrical Energy Magnetics
Information and Control Optical Electronics
Telecommunications Physical Electronics A・B
  High Voltage Engineering
  Electron Devices
  Semiconductor Nanotechnology
  Electrical Materials Science
  Molecular Properties
  Electromechanical Dynamics
  Electrical Machines
  Automatic Control Theory A・B
  Fundamentals and Applications of Data Mining
  Power Systems Engineering
  Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  System Engineering
  Digital Control Systems
  Analog Control Systems
  Nonlinear Problems
  Control System Theory
  Digital Signal Processing
  Foundations of Mathematical Science
  Applied Mathematical Logic
  Computing B
  Mathematical Programming
  Media Engineering
  Information Processing Systems
  Information and Control Theory
  Electromagnetic Wave Engineering A・B
  Electronic Communication B
  Integrated Circuits

Mechanical Engineering

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
Mechanical Engineering 1,2,3,4 Thermofluidic Measurement
  Thermal Engineering
  Heat Flow and Energy Engineering 1・2
  Mathematical Thermodynamics
  Thermo-fluid Dynamics
  Micro heat engineering
  Heat and Fluid Flow
  Materials Science 1・2
  Materials Mechanics 1・2
  Machining Theory and Practice 1・2
  Solid Mechanics
  Fracture Mechanics
  Dynamics of Mechanical Systems 1・2
  Control Engineering 1
  Mechanical Vibrations
  Elastic Vibration 1・2
  Control Theory
  System Control Engineering
  Vehicle Dynamics
  Robot Control
  Intelligent Control
  Fluid Control Engineering
  Robotics 1・2
  Data Analysis
  Management Engineering
  Reliability Design
  Design Problems of Machine Elements
  Production System Engineering

Architecture and Urbanism Program

Course in Architecture

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
Architectural & Urban Planning / Design Studies Architectural History
Building Structure & Material Studies Building Systems
 Built Environment and Building Service Engineering Community & Urban Development
  History of Modern Architecture
  Architectural Design
  Urban History
  Architectural Planning
  Regional Planning
  Architectural Management
  Urban Analysis
  Design Studio A
  Design Studio B
  Design Studio C
  Internship (Design, Structure, Facilities)
  Stuructural Perfomance
  Timber Structures
  Reinforced Concrete Structures
  Theory for Advanced Architecture
  Steel Structures
  Shell & Spatial Structures
  Aseismic Structures
  Structural Dynamics
  Building Materials
  Circulatory System of Resources
  Building Materials
  Circulatory System of Resources
  Building Construction
  Structural Design A
  Structural Design B
  Internship (Structure)
  Environmental Engineering
  Environmental Analysis
  Environmental Evaluation
  Building Water Environment
  Plumbing System
  Acoustic Design and Planning
  Building Facilities Planning
  Air-conditioning System Engineering
  Building Facilities Design
  Internship (Facilities)

International Program in Architecture and Urban Design (I-AUD)

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects 
 Architecture and Urban Design Studies  Independent Study A
   Independent Study B
   Advanced Deisgn Studio A, B, C
   Advanced Architectural Design
   Advanced Urban Design
   Urban and Architectural History
   Advanced Sustainable Design
   Advanced Project Management

Course in Places, Arts and Consciousness

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
 Studies in Places, Arts, and Consciousness Plastic and Visual Arts
  History of Design
  Digital Media Library
  Thematic Studies in Visual Culture
  Music Studies
  Photography Studies
  Literary and Cultural Studies
  Thematic Studies in Archival Contents
  Theory and Practice of Contents Criticism
  Presentation Thechniques
  Film and Urban Studies
  Literature and Urban Studies
  Human and Environmental Studies
  Environmental Design Studies
  Intro to the Studies in Places, Arts, Consciouness

Applied Chemistry

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
Applied Chemistry 1,2,3,4 The Science of Inorganic Materials
  Inorganic Chemistry 1,2,3,4
  Topics in Advanced Organic Reactions
  Physical Organic Chemistry
  Topics in Organic Structural Chemistry
  Topics in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  Topics in Polymer Science
  Topics in Advanced Polymer Materials
  Topics in Organic Stereochemistry
  Chemical Engineering 2・3・4
  Chemical Equilibrium
  Topics in Surface and Micro Characterization
  Topics in Analysis of Advanced Materials

Computer Science Program

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
Computer Science Fundamentals Algorithm
Computer Hardware Theory of Computation
Computer Software Information Theory
Applied Information Science Bioinformation Processing Systems
  Numerical Simulation
  Computational Electronics
  Design of Computers
  Dependable Computing Special Theory
  Computer Architecture
  Electron Devices and Integrated Circuits
  Fundamentals of Software
  Software Science
  Software Engineering
  Software System Design
  Systems Programming
  Programming Language Theory
  Computer Intelligence
  Big Data Engineering
  Intelligent Robot Systems
  Conscious systems
  Information Systems
  Computer Networks
  Information Security
  Distributed Systems
  Topics in Computer Science A, B, C, D

Mathematics Program

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
Algebra Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences
Geometry Algebra
Mathematical Analysis Geometry
Mathematical Phenomena Mathematical Principle Analysis A, B, C, D, E
  Function Analysis A, B
  Partial Differential Equations A, B
  Mathematical Phenomena Principle
  Mathematical Principle Calculation
  Mathematical Sciences by Multi-Track System
  History of Science
  Topics in Physics C

Physics Program

Specialization Subjects Special Subjects
Theoretical Physics Statistical Physics
Biophysics Solid State Physics B
Experimental Quantum Physics Particle Physics A・B
Applied Physics Quantum Biophysics
  Biophysics A・B・C
  Quantum Optics
  Atomic and Molecular Physics
  Surface Physics
  Physics of Lattice Defects
  Ultrasound Physics
  Optical Properties of Solids
  Theory of Crystal Growth
  Condensed Matter Physics
  Topics in Physics A, B, C
  History of Science
  Mathematical Principle Analysis C, D, E
  Mathematical Sciences by Multi-Track System

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