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International Program

International Program

Meiji University is one of the leading universities in Japan in terms of both scale and history. We promote "going global" to become Japan's top school in the field of international exchange. Especially in recent years, education that embraces internationalization has been proceeding drastically, leading us to set up connections with universities in South Korea and the ASEAN.
We are also developing opportunities for faculty exchange for research between countries such as France, Germany, and Poland while continuing collaboration with places such as the U.S.A., South Africa, and Australia. These exchanges may be considered small in scale but have built up close ties between the researchers, leaving a high potential to launch outstanding projects in the future.
If you are interested in studying at our university, please refer to the following pages to learn more about our program.

Study at the School of Science and Technology

Application Guideline
※Certain level of Japanese language skills will be required

Study at the Graduate School of Science and Technology

Application Guideline for I-AUD
English Track Course

Application Guideline for the Other Courses
※Classes are organized in Japanese

Long Term Exchange Program (Undergraduate School)

Long Term Exchange Program (Graduate School)

Short Term Exchange Program (Summer Program)

Science and Technology in Japan
English Track Program