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Ideals of Desirable Students Whom We Welcome
The School of Science and Technology has adopted “integration of science and engineering” as its education philosophy based on the concept that science, which is a way to explore the true nature of things and engineering, which is a way to achieve the well-being of human beings applying the results achieved through science are inextricably linked and inseparable.

Under this philosophy, we set as its education goal the raising of each student to be self-reliant and a person with an ability to unlock the future so that the student can actively participate in the society of highly developed science and technology.

To accomplish this education goal satisfactorily, the following types of students are welcomed to School of Science and Technology:
1) students who are motivated to find themes by themselves and to resolve problems using knowledge and experiences acquired from science and technology education as a whole;
2) students who have multifaceted thinking abilities and a wide perspective; and
3) students with a sense of responsibility and a sense of ethics who are motivated to acquire a cosmopolitan way of thinking.
Efforts in Learning in High School or Other Educational Facilities Expected of Applicants for Enrollment
In light of the education goals mentioned above, with respect to mathematics, science and foreign languages, the School of Science and Technology welcomes students who not only have basic knowledge but have developed sufficient academic abilities to cope with practical exercises. In addition, it is important to have acquired basic academic skills not only in science fields but in a wider range of fields. 

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