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Curriculum Chart

Curriculum Chart

  1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Integrated Culture Subjects ●Seminars in General Cultural Studies ●General Cultural Studies Lectures
Philosophy, Logic, Literature, Western Art History,
History of Natural Science, Japanese History,
World History, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology,
Law (The Constitution of Japan), Modern Political Science,
Modern Economics, Sociology, International Relations,
Physical Education,
Japanese Culture & Society (for foreign students only)
Foreign Language Subjects Inter-departmental Common Foreign Language Subjects: Spoken English, Spoken German, Spoken French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Greek, Latin, Arabic
English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese (for foreign students only)  
Health & Physical Education Subjects Health & Physical Education Athletics
Basic Science Subjects Basic Mathematics 1・2, Basic Mathematics 3・4, Differential Equations, Fundamental Physics 1・2, Basic Chemistry 1・2, Basic Biology 1・2, Basic Geology 1・2, Experiments in Fundamental Physics 1・2, Experiments in Basic Chemistry
Common Basic Specialized Subjects Probability, Linear Algebra, Exercises in Linear Algebra, Calculus, Exercises in Calculus, Applied Mathematics 1・2, Physics A-F, Fundamental Inorganic Chemistry, Fundamental Physical Chemistry, Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Information Processing 1・2, Information Processing & Seminar 1・2, Graphic Design, Basic Electric Circuits 1・2, Material Sciences, Mechanics of Solids, English for Engineering 1・2, Surveying, Engineering Statistics
Multidisciplinary Specialized Subjects Space Science, Biological Engineering, Life Science, Human Engineering, Environment & Technology, Environment Planning, Intellectual Property Law, Ethics of Engineering, Industrial Management, History of Science & Technology, Marketing Research, Quality Control, Exercises in Job-Internship, Special Lecture A・B
Teacher Training Related Specialized Subjects Algebra 1・2, Geometry 1・2, Analysis 1・2, Applied Microbiology 1・2, Earth Science 1・2, Experiments in Biology, Experiments in Geology
Specialized Subjects Please See below

Department of Electronics and Bioinformatics

1st Year
2nd Year
Introduction to Electronics & Bioinformatics, Life Science, Basic Electric Circuits,
Basic Electromagnetics, Information Processing & Seminar, Fundamental Research Skills
Integrated Culture Subjects, Basic Science Subjects, Foreign Language Subjects, etc.
Electric Circuits, Electromagnetics, Life Science, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering,
Electronic Circuits, Exercise in Applied Mathematics, Electrical & Electronic Measurements, Information Processing, Solid State Electronics, Systems Control, Computer Simulation, Electronics & Bioinformatics Experiments
3rd Year Analog Electronic Circuit, Digital Electronic Circuit, Information Theory, Information Processing,
Computer Science, Systems Control, Electronics & Bioinformatics Experiments, Seminar
Biomolecular Engineering
Electron Devices
Quantum Electronics
Motor Theory
Artificial Life
Mathematical Principle Science
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Control
Power Electronics
Energy Networks
Electrical Machines
Applications for Electricity Circuits
Information Networks
Transmission Systems
Medical Electronic Engineering
Molecular Electronics
Nano Biotechnology
High Voltage Physical Properties
Mathematical Biology, Machine Study
Living Body Media Processing
Computer Architecture
Numeric Calculation Methods
Integrated Circuits
Theory of System Engineering
Theory of Image Media
Audio Study
Law of Electricity & Installation
Cognitive Science
Robot Vision
Power Generation Systems
Information Security
Ubiquitous Networks
Electromagnetic Radiation Theory
Optical Transmission Theory
4th Year Seminar, Graduation Thesis

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Course Model 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Basic Subjects ◯Engineering Mechanics Seminar 1・2
◯Basic Mathematics 1・2・3・4
△Physics A・B・D
Automobile Science
Basic Electric Circuits 1・2
Fundamental Physics 1・2
◯Ethics of Engineering
△Linear Algebra 1・2
△Calculus 1・2
Applied Mathematics 1・2
English for Engineering 1・2 Mechanical Engineering Exercises
Industrial English
Main 4 Mechanics Materials
◯Mechanics of Solids △Materials Mechanics Seminar 1 Finite Element Analysis Theory of Plasticity
Advanced Solid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics   ◯Fluid Science Seminar
Fluid Mechanics 1
Fluid Mechanics 2
Thermodynamics   ◯Thermodynamics Seminar
Industrial Thermodynamics
Heat Transfer
Internal Combustion Engines
Engineering for Energy Conversion
Automobile Engineering
Heat Fluid & Energy
  ◯Mechanical Dynamics Seminar Mechanical Dynamics Mechanical Vibration
Specialized Subjects Processing Engineering Machine Manufacturing of Machines 1 Machine Manufacturing of Machines 2 Machining & Grinding
Technology of Plasticity
Joining Engineering
Materials     Engineering Materials 1・2 Strength & Fracture of Solids
Design Graphic Design △Design of Machine Elements △Mechanical Systems Design Tribology
  △Experiment Engineering Seminar
△Engineering Statistics
Instrumentation Engineering,
Control Engineering 1・2 Robotics
Data Processing Date Processing 1 ◯Information Processing & Seminar 1・2
Information Processing 2
Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering I  
Experiment Practice Subjects ◯Experiments in Fundamental Physics 1・2
◯Experiments in Basic Chemistry 1
◯Mechanical Engineering Experiments 1
◯Mechanical Drawing
◯Machine Design & Drawing 1
◯Seminar 1
◯Mechanical Engineering Experiments 2
◯Machine Design & Drawing 2
△Computer Aided Design of Mechanical Systems
△Practice in Mechatronics
◯Graduation Thesis 1・2
◯Seminar 2

◯=required subjects △=required elective subjects

Department of Mechanical Engineering Informatics

Course Model 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Materials Science・Processing   Manufacturing & Product Accuracy Materials Science 1  
Mechanics Engineering Mechanics 1
Engineering Mechanics 2 & Exercises,
Mechanics of Solids
Dynamics of Machinery 1
Strength of Materials
Mechanism & Mechanics
Dynamics of Machinery 2
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Engineering
Engineering Thermodynamics
Engineering for Energy Conversion
Design Graphic Design Machine Design Engineering,
Machine Elements
Mechanical Design Engineering & Exercises  
General Guidance of Mechanical System Science & Engineering Mechanical Drawing & CAD 1・2 Mechano-Informatics Experiments,
Mechatronics Experiments,
Seminar 1
Mechanical Systems Design & Drawing,
Mechatronic Systems Design & Drawing
Mechanical Engineering Exercises,
Seminar 2
Graduation Thesis 1・2
Measurement ・Control   Metrology Instrumentation Engineering,
Control Engineering 1・2
Electronics・Mechatronics Basic Electric Circuits 1 Basic Electric Circuits 2
Electric Circuit Theory & Exercises
Information・Mathematics Information Processing & Seminar 1・2,
Exercises in Numerical Value Procession
Design of Experiments
Simulation Engineering & Exercises,
Exercises in Computational Applied Mathematics,
Data Analysis & Exercises,
Information Processing 1・2
Machine System Course
Required elective subjects
    Precision Machine Tools
Materials Science 2
Production System Engineering,
Digital Control
Computational Mechanics,
Heat Transfer
Reliability Design
Intelligence Engineering,
System Control Engineering
Machine Science Course
Required elective subjects
    Precision Machine Tools
Materials Science 2
Computational Mechanics,
Heat Transfer
Reliability Design
Machine Intelligence Course
Required elective subjects
    Production System Engineering,
Digital Control
Intelligence Engineering,
System Control Engineering

Department of Architecture

Course Model 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
General ◯Introduction to Architecture   ◯Architecture & Society  
Studies       ◯Thesis Research, Thesis Design 1
◯Thesis Research, Thesis Design 2
Seminar 1
Seminar 2
Architectural Design
Design Graphic Design
◯Architectural Design Studio 1
◯Architectural Design Studio 2
◯Architectural Design Studio 3
Design Studio 1
Design Studio 2
Design Studio 3
Modeling Design Workshop 1     Design Workshop 2
Practice   Exercises in Job-Internship    
CAD   Information Processing & Seminar 1 Information Processing & Seminar 2  
Information Processing Information Processing 1 Information Processing 2    
Architecture・Urban Design History of Architecture   △History of Modern Architecture
△History of Western Architecture
△History of Japanese Architecture Traditional Architecture Survey
Architectural Design Introduction to Architectural Design △Design Theory of Residential Environment
△Design Philosophy
△Theory of Architectural Design Landscape
Architecture・Urban Planning & Management Architectural Planning   △Architectural Planning 1 △Architectural Planning 2 & Practice  
Urban・Regional Planning   △Urban Planning △Regional Planning Environment Planning
Building Systems・Management   △Building Systems 1
△Building Systems 2
Architectural Management  
Environmental Engineering Principles of Environment ◯Introduction to Environment for Architecture ◯Thermal & Air Environment for Architecture 1
◯Luminous & Acoustical Environment for Architecture 1
△Thermal & Air Environment for Architecture 2
△Luminous & Acoustical Environment for Architecture 2,
Experiments in Architectural Environments 1,
Experiments in Architectural Environments 2
Environmental Construction   ◯Building Equipment
△Plumbing Systems
△Air Conditioning & Ventilating Systems 1
Mechanical Design
Air Conditioning & Ventilating Systems 2
Practice of Environmental Equipment
Structures・Materials Structural Mechanics △Mechanics of Solids
◯Applied Mechanics 1
◯Applied Mechanics 2
△Structural Mechanics 1
△Structural Mechanics 2
△Principle & Analytical Method of Structures
Architectural Structures Structural Design ◯Introduction to Architectural Structures △Reinforced Concrete Structures
△Steel Structures
△Computer Structural Engineering Experiments in Structure
△Structural Performance & Engineering Design
△Wood Construction
Building Materials・Construction   ◯Building Materials 1
△Theory of Construction
△Building Materials 2
△Building Material Design
Experiments in Materials

◯=required subjects △=required elective subjects

Department of Applied Chemistry

  1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Inter-departmental Common Subjecs Basic Chemistry 1・2
Experiments in Basic Chemistry 1・2
General Area ◯Introduction to Applied Chemistry 1
Exercise in Applied Chemistry 1・2
  Introduction to
Applied Chemistry 2
Experiment and Research Information Processing Seminar 1・2 ◯Computer Application Laboratory for Chemistry A・B
◯Computer Application Laboratory for Chemistry 1・2
◯Experiments in Applied Chemistry 1・2
◯Computer Application
Laboratory for Chemistry C・D
◯Computer Application
Laboratory for Chemistry 3・4
◯Experiments in Applied Chemistry 3, 4
△Seminar 1・2
△Graduation Thesis 1・2
Analytical Chemistry ◯Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry △Analytical Chemistry 1・2 △Instrumental Analysis 1・2  
Inorganic Chemistry ◯Fundamental Inorganic Chemistry △Inorganic Chemistry 1・2 △Inorganic Coordination
Chemistry 1・2
△Inorganic Materials
Chemistry 1・2
Inorganic Industrial Chemistry
Organic Chemistry ◯Introduction to Organic Chemistry △Organic Stereochemistry
△Chemistry for Organic Reaction 1
△Energy Resources
Environmental Chemistry
△Petrochemistry & Catalyst
△Chemistry for Organic
Reaction 2
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Fine Chemicals
Natural Resources Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry     △Polymer Synthesis
△Polymer Function
Polymer Materials
Physical Chemistry ◯Fundamental Physical Chemistry △Fundamental Physical Chemistry
△Reactions in Physical Chemistry
△Statistical Thermodynamics
△Interface Phenomena
Chemical Engineering   Fundamental Chemical Engineering
Transport Phenomena
Chemical Engineering for Separation
Mechanical Separation
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Process System Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Course Model 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Common Subjects ◯Introduction to Computer Science 1・2
◯Information Processing & Seminar 1・2
△Information Processing 2 ◯Information Oriented Society & Information Morals
Information & Vocational Education
◯Seminar 1
Advanced Topics 1・2
◯Seminar 2
Exercises in Job-Internship Graduation Thesis 1・2
Integrated Culture Subjects・Foreign Language
Basic ◯Basic Electric Circuits 1 Basic Electric Circuits 2 ◯Discrete Mathematics 1
Discrete Mathematics 2
◯Intensive Exercises in Discrete Mathematics 1
Intensive Exercises in Discrete Mathematics 2
Information Theory 1
Information Theory 2  
Theory of Automata & Languages Theory of Computing
Fuzzy Theory
Optimization Theory
Hardware ◯Switching Theory & Logic Design 1 ◯Switching Theory & Logic Design 2
◯Intensive Exercises in Logic Design
◯Computer Architecture
Practice for Computer Architecture
Logic Devices 1・2
Practice for Computer Design
Integrated Circuits
Software ◯Intensive Exercises in Programming 1・2 ◯Data Structures & Algorithms 1・2
◯Intensive Exercises in Data Structures & Algorithms 1・2
◯Object Oriented Programming
◯Intensive Exercises in Software 1
Operating Systems
Network Programming
Programming Languages & Compiler
◯Intensive Exercises in Software 2
◯Exercises in Software Engineering
Numerical Simulation, Databases
Applications   ◯Practice for Intelligent Systems Information Systems 1
Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Processing 1
◯Computer Networks 1
Computer Networks 2
Intelligent Robots
Introduction to Digital Contents
Information Systems 2
Computer Graphics
Multimedia Theory, Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

◯=required subjects △=required elective subjects

Department of Mathematics

Course Model 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Common Subjects Basic Mathematics 1-4
Differential Equations Probability
Information Processing 1
Information Processing & Seminar 1・2
Information Processing 2    
Algebra Exercises in Basic Mathematics 1・2 Algebra 1・2
Exercises in Algebra 2
Algebra 3・4
Exercises in Algebra 3・4
Advanced Algebra 1・2
Geometry   Set Theory of Metric Spaces and Topology 1・2
Space Curves and Surfaces
Geometry 1・2
Exercises in Geometry 1・2
Geometry 3・4
Analysis Exercises in Basic Mathematics 3・4 Calculus of Several Variables 1・2
Exercises in Calculus of Several Variables 1・2
Complex Analysis 1・2
Exercises in Complex Analysis 1・2
Differential Equations 1.2
Exercises in Differential Equations 1
Real Analysis 1・2
Exercises in Real Analysis 2
Differential Equations 3
Functional Analysis 1・2
Applied Analysis
Arithmetic   Exercises in Computing Mathematics 1 Exercises in Computing Mathematics 2
Mathematical Principles of Numerical Analysis 1
Exercises in Mathematical Principles of Numerical Analysis 1
Mathematical Principles of Numerical Analysis 2・3
Exercises in Mathematical Principles of Numerical Analysis 2
General and others Exercises in Mathematics 1・2
Seminar A
Advanced Course in Foreign Language 1・2 Discrete Mathematics 1・2
Text Readings in Mathematics 1・2
Seminar B
Probability Theory 1・2
Graduation Thesis 1・2

Department of Physics

Course Model 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Basic Science ◯Experiments in Fundamental Physics 1
◯Experiments in Basic Chemistry 1
Fundamental Physics 1
Basic Mathematics 1
◯Experiments in Fundamental Physics 2
Fundamental Physics 2
Basic Mathematics 2
Basic Common △Material Science
△Information Processing & Seminar 1
△Fundamental Inorganic Chemistry
△Information Processing & Seminar 2
△Information Processing 1
△Linear Algebra
△Exercises in Linear Algebra
△Exercises in Calculus
English for Engineering 1
English for Engineering 2
◯Exercises in General Physics 1
Introduction to Quantum Theory
Current Topics of Physics
◯Exercises in General Physics 2
△Electromagnetism 1
Exercises in Electromagnetism 1
◯Laboratory Experiments on Physics 1
△Mechanics 1
△Physical Mathematics 1
Exercises in Mechanics 1
Exercises in Physical Mathematics 1
Method of Physical Experiments
◯Laboratory Experiments on Physics 2
△Mechanics 2
△Physical Mathematics 2
△Electromagnetism 2
Exercises in Mechanics 2
Exercises in Physical Mathematics 2,
Exercises in Electromagnetism 2,
Elementary Biophysics
◯Laboratory Experiments on Physics 3
△Quantum Mechanics 1
△Statistical Mechanics 1
Physical Mathematics 3
Exercises in Quantum Mechanics 1
Exercises in Statistical Mechanics 1
Exercises in Physical Mathematics 3
Theory of Relativity
Solid State Physics
Biophysics 1
◯Laboratory Experiments on Physics 4
△Quantum Mechanics 2
△Statistical Mechanics 2
Electromagnetism 3
Physical Mathematics 4
Exercises in Quantum Mechanics 2,
Exercises in Statistical Mechanics 2,
Exercises in Physical Mathematics 4,
Semiconductor Physics
◯Graduation Thesis 1
◯Seminar 1
Quantum Mechanics 3,
Solid & Fluid Mechanics,
Laser Physics
Biophysics 2
◯Graduation Thesis 2
◯Seminar 2
Molecular Physics
Nuclear Physics
Elementary Particle Physics
Multidisciplinary Life Science History of Science & Technology Human Engineering  

◯=required subjects △=required elective subjects