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Admission Application Schedule

Admission information on this website is only for international students who wish to apply for I-AUD. I-AUD program accepts students only in April and there is no September intake. 

[International Student Examination for 2020 April Intake]
*Application guideline and necessary forms will be updated around early May 2019.
*All dates and times written are based on Japan Standard Time (JST.)
*If applicants send application documents from abroad, all documents must arrive at School of Science and Technology Office by the application deadline. No late application can be accepted.
 Examination Examination Period I Examination Period II
Type A  Type B Doctoral Type A Type B Doctoral
Course Master's Master's Doctoral Master's Master's Doctoral
Application  Period June 24 (Mon) - June 28 (Fri) 2019 November 11 (Mon) - November 15 (Fri) 2019
Examination Date August 1 (Thu) 2019 Application material screening August 1 (Thu) 2019 February 20 (Thu) 2020  Application material screening February 20 (Thu) 2020 
Announcement of Results August 2 (Fri) 2019 
1:00 p.m. 
February 28 (Fri) 2020
1:00 p.m. 
December 16 (Mon) 2019
1:00 p.m. 
February 28 (Fri) 2020
1:00 p.m.  
Enrollment Registration Deadline    Early March 2020 
*Specific date will be notified when enrollment registration documents are sent.
Enrollment April 2020

Application Procedure

Application Guideline
Application Materials
(1) Application Form A
(2) (Doctoral Program) Screening Fee Payment Form B to D
(2) (Master's Program Type A) Screening Fee Payment Form B to D
(2) (Master's Program Type B) Screening Fee Payment Form B to D
(3) Application Form for Admission of International Students
(4) Research Plan
(5) Statement of Financial Resources
(6) Certification Form for Portfolio
(7) Academic Supervisor Questionnaire Form

Master's Program Type A applicants and Doctoral Program applicants are also required to submit the following documents.
-Address Form for envelope (Paste this form on the envelope in which application documents are enclosed.)

If  applicants are paying the screening fee via convenience store or by credit card, please refer to the guideline.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fees
Please refer to tuition and fees website for prospective graduate students.

Tuition Assistance (Reduction) Program for Privately Financed International Students
Regular full-time international students can apply for Tuition Assistance Program on conditions that they meet the application criteria. For details, please refer to International Student Center's website.


Meiji University International Students Incentive Scholarship Program

Applicants may apply for the scholarship offered by our International Student Center.
Application guidelines are available at the following links.
Application Guideline
For a detailed applicaiton procedure, please consult International Student Center. 

*Important Notes*
The application for the scholarship is different from the application for admission. You should apply for and send application documents for the admission accordingly.

Housing Information

Meiji University currently does not have own dormitories for international students other than exchange students. Students are advised to find an accommodation on their own through real-estate companies or contact Meiji University's affiliated dormitory company at +81-120-88-1030.

Find More about I-AUD

If  you would like to know more details about I-AUD, please visit our website.

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