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[Baseball Club] Wins Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League 2022 Fall Championship backing up the spring success for their 42nd triumph

Nov. 22, 2022

The baseball club won the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball Fall League championship for the 42nd time in two consecutive seasons.

Meiji University finished all the games at the top of the standings with 4 points after the win against Rikkyo University on October 28. As a result of Waseda University’s two consecutive wins in the final week (the week of November 5) in the Waseda-Keio match, Meiji University, Waseda University and Keio University were tied on points, but the winner was decided by a higher margin of victory.

At the press conference after the championship was decided, Manager Takehiro Tanaka said, “I think it was difficult for all the players to make adjustments due to the irregular schedule. Thus, it was significant that we managed to win two consecutive games against Rikkyo,” he said, looking back on the battle. He also expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming Meiji Jingu Tournament, saying, “We want to play unashamedly as a representative of the six universities and do whatever it takes to win the number one position in Japan.”

Captain Kaito Muramatsu (4th year in the School of Information and Communication) said, “I am honestly happy to have won. We are here today thanks to the support of many people. First of all, I want to give thanks to everyone. We have the Jingu Tournament coming up, and we will do our best to become the top team in Japan,” he said.

Additionally, three players, second baseman Kaito Muramatsu (4th year in the School of Information and Communication), third baseman Kyuto Ueda (3rd year in the School of Global Japanese Studies), and shortstop Rui Muneyama (2nd year in the School of Commerce), were selected in the best nine players of the league.

The baseball club will represent the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League at the 53rd Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament, which starts on November 18.

Members of the baseball club who won their 42nd championship

Captain Muramatsu receiving the Emperor’s Cup

The three players selected in the best nine. From left, Muneyama (shortstop), captain Muramatsu (second) and Ueda (third)
(All photos courtesy of the Meiji University Baseball Club)