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Vice President International Kosaku Dairokuno

Vice President (International Affairs)
Director, Headquaters of International Collaboration
Kosaku Dairokuno

Organization for International Collaboration

The Organization for International Collaboration opened its doors on October 1st, 2009. As international competition in higher education heats up, it is becoming increasingly essential at Meiji University to recognize the importance of raising our international profile, by raising our research to a higher level and producing graduates who can perform on the international stage. The Organization for International Collaboration is the body at Meiji University which is responsible for promoting internationalization in a systematic and organized way. The Organization for International Collaboration consists of three sections: the Headquarters of International Collaboration, the International Student Exchange Center, and the Japanese Language Education Center. The Headquarters of International Collaboration plans international academic, research, and educational collaborations. In other words it acts as a base for internationalization by forging links with higher educational bodies in other countries, and is also involved in such activities as holding academic conferences and lectures with guest lecturers from abroad. The International Student Exchange Center promotes international education to a higher level by supporting international exchange of students from other countries and in turn, sending Meiji students on exchanges to foreign countries. It is thanks to these bodies and their collaborations with both undergraduate and graduate schools that internationalization is becoming a reality throughout Meiji University.

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