Go Forward

We at the Graduate School of Business Administration endeavor to produce graduates with a strong sense of independence and individuality who have acquired a high level of professional expertise and knowledge.

Many of those who have completed the MBA Program in this department are active in various fields of society as experts of management and accounting. Individuals who have completed the Doctoral Degree Program or have earned enough credits are successfully working as members of the faculty of national, public, and private universities, colleges and junior colleges as well as researchers at various research institutions all over Japan.

Both the master’s and doctoral programs have a solid academic focus, but are also highly practical, with considerable emphasis placed on developing the skills to identify and resolve modern business administration issues.

The Management Course is aimed at instilling a broad-based perspective so that students may develop the capacity to approach issues not only according to their expert knowledge in their chosen field, but with an eye for business management as a whole. To that end, the Management Course is structured so that students may choose from one of ten specialist fields—business administration theory, corporate theory, business administration science, business management, business administration history, personnel and labor affairs, public management, financial accounting, management accounting, and global course—from which an organic curriculum is arranged for each student. Each field serves to develop the skills needed to examine and resolve the big issues in the relevant field, not only through the narrow confined expert knowledge of those specialized fields, but through a wider, multi-faceted approach.