Graduate School of Business Administration

Curriculum Chart

Master's Program

Area Research Course Management Course
(1) Business Administration Theory History of Management Thought History of Management Thought
Management Philosophy Management Philosophy
History of Management Thought Comparative Management Systems
Modern Management Systems Business Management Theory
Management Philosophy A・B Business Ethics A・B
(2) Corporate Theory Business in Russia and Eastern Europe Business in Russia and Eastern Europe
Japanese Management Japanese Management
Small Business Management Small Business Management
Business in East Asia Business in East Asia
Corporate Behavior Corporate Behavior
Business and Economy in Russia and Eastern Europe A・B Business and Economy in Russia and Eastern Europe A・B
Japanese Management A・B Japanese Management A・B
Small Business Management A・B Small Business Management A・B
East Asian Firms A・B Chinese Firms (Case Study) A・B
Corporate Behavior A・B Multinational Corporations A・B
Theory of Modern Corporations
Patterns of Business Behavior
  Measurement of Business Behavior
(3) Business Administration Science Risk Management Risk Management
Technology Management Business Statistics
Business Mathematics Game Theory A・B
Risk Management A・B  
Business Data Processing Systems A・B  
Business Statistics A・B  
Technology Management A・B  
Business Mathematics A・B  
(4) Business Management Financial Management Financial Management
International Management International Management
Organization Theory Organization Theory
Global Marketing Business Strategy
Business Strategy Marketing Business
Marketing Business Finance Strategy (Case Study)
Business Finance Business Finance (Case Study)
Modern Corporate Finance Organization Study A・B
International Business Ⅰ・Ⅱ Marketing Strategy
Organization Theory A・B Marketing (Case Study)
Global Marketing A・B Management of Strategy A・B
Business Strategy A・B Marketing Communication A・B
Marketing Business A・B Production Management A・B
Transnational Management A・B Competitive Strategy A・B
International Family Business A・B Consumer Behavior A・B
(5) Personnel and Labor Affairs Social Systems Theory of Business Education within Firms
Education within Firms Personnel Management
Personnel Management Industrial Relations
Industrial Relations Organizational Psychology
Organizational Psychology Human Resources Development
Sociology of Management A・B Human Resources Development
Social Systems Theory of Business A・B Labor Management
Employee Development A・B Human Resources Management
Personnel Management A・B Labor Economics
Industrial Relations A・B Compensation Management
Organizational Behavior A・B Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  Knowledge Management
  Labor Relations Law A・B
  Labor Auditing
  Social Security
(6) Business Administration History Business History Business History
Japanese Business History Japanese Business History
Business History A・B Entrepreneurship
Japanese Business History A・B Corporate Strategy
International Business History A・B Development of Japanese Business
Industrial Dynamics A・B Entrepreneurial History in Japan
(7) Financial Accounting Financial Statements Financial Statements
Financial Statements Auditing
Auditing International Accounting
International Accounting Corporate Accounting A・B
Environmental Accounting Basic Auditing
Financial Accounting Applied Auditing
Financial Statements A・B Tax Accounting
Accounting Theory A・B Corporative Tax Law (Case Study)
Auditing A・B International Accounting Practices A・B
International Accounting A・B Bond Rating
Environmental Accounting A・B Bond Rating (Case Study)
Financial Accounting A・B  
(8) Management Accounting Cost Accounting Financial Statements Analysis
Financial Statements Analysis Management Accounting
Management Accounting Budgeting
Budgeting Managerial Cost Accounting A・B
Cost Accounting A・B Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis and Valuation A・B Strategic Cost Management
Cost Management A・B Corporate Budgeting A・B
Accounting Information Systems  
Strategic Accounting Information Systems  
Budgeting A・B  
(9) Public Management Performance Measurement Performance Measurement
Nonprofit Organization Study Nonprofit Organization Study
Analytical Methods of Public Sector Evaluation A・B Performance Measurement A・B
Nonprofit Organizations A・B Public Services Management A・B
Environmental Management A・B  
(10) Global Business Administration Transnational Management  
Gender and Management  
Corporate Management  
Corporate Finance  
Organization and Organizational Behavior  
Marketing Management  
Strategic Management  
Business Development  
Human Resource Management  
Strategic Accounting  
Environmental Accounting  
Strategic Information System  
International Marketing  
Service Marketing  
Work and Economic Organization in Japan  
Information Ethics  
Operations Strategy and Management  
Technology Management  
Project Management  
Supply Chain Management  
Lcglstics Management  
Maintenance Management  
Information Systems Strategy for EBM  
Quality Management and Techniques  
Applied Statistical Methods  
Decision Modelling  
Simulation of Systems  
Transnational Management A・B  Transnational Management A・B
International Family Business A・B  International Family Business A・B
Gender and Management A・B  
Corporate Management A・B  
Corporate Finance A・B  
Organization and Organizational Behavior A・B  
Marketing Management A・B  
Strategic Managernent A・B  
Business Development A・B  
Human Resource Management A・B  
Strategic Accounting A・B  
Environmental Accounting A・B  
Strategic Information System A・B  Strategic Information System A・B
International Marketing A・B  International Marketing A・B
Service Marketing A・B  Service Marketing A・B
Work and Economic Organization in Japan A・B  Work and Economic Organization in Japan A・B
Japanese Companies Overseas  A・B  Japanese Companies Overseas  A・B
Contemporary Business Issues in Asia A・B Contemporary Business Issues in Asia  A・B
Information Ethics A・B Information Ethics A・B
Information Science A・B Information Science A・B
E-commerce A・B E-commerce A・B
Organizational Communication  A・B Organizational Communication A・B
Organizational Psychology A・B Organizational Communication A・B
Environmental Management Accounting A・B Environmental Management Accounting A・B
Advanced Management Accounting A・B Advanced Management Accounting A・B
Business Management and Organization (Intensive) Business Management and Organization (Intensive)
(11)Foreign Language and basic research in business administration and accounting ① Foreign Business Literature Studies Studies in English Business Literature A・B  
Studies in English Accounting Literature A・B  
Studies in German Business Literature A・B  
Studies in German Accounting Literature A・B  
Studies in French Business Literature A・B  
Studies in Russian Business Literature A・B  
Studies in Chinese Business Literature A・B  
Studies in Japanese Business Literature A・B  
② Communication Studies Academic Presentation A・B(Intensive)  
Academic Presentation A・B  
Academic Presentation A・B  
③ Research Methods of Business Administration Research Methods of Management A・B  

Doctoral Program

Management Theory A・B
Theory of Corporations A・B
Management Science A・B
Business Administration A・B
Business History A・B
Personnel Administration A・B
Financial Accounting A・B
Management Accounting A・B
Public Management A・B

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