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Course List/ Syllabus/ Time Schedule

Course List/ Syllabus/ Time Schedule

Doctoral Program (English Track only)

Thesis Writing A
Thesis Writing B
Thesis Writing C
Thesis Writing D
Thesis Writing E
Thesis Writing F
<Public Policy Program>
Governance Studies
Intergovernmental Relations
Public Finance and Social Welfare
Governance and Financial Management
Public Management Strategy
Management of Public Institutes
Urban Spatial Policy
Governance and Democracy
Local Government System
Local Government Policies
Local Governance
Local Government Functions
E-government and Public Service
E-government and Participation
<International Development Policy Program>
Governance of Global Economy
Economic Development Policy Analysis
Environmental Policy
Environment and Development
Global Governance - Theory
GlobalGovernance - Institutions
<Community Management Program>
Social Development Policy
Social Development Theory
Advanced Strategies for Community Engagement
NGO/NPO Policy
NGO/NPO Management
Crisis Management Policy
National Security and Intelligence
Terrorism and Counterterrorism


The latest Syllabus is available (AY2022)
Latest Course names are written in Syllabus. Srudents who enrolled before 2020, please click here. 

Time Schedule

 Time Schedule for 2022