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Financial Aid for Students regulated by International Student Office

Please click here to refer to the financial aid for students regulated by International students.

・Meiji University provides information on about 50 scholarships for international students.
・For inquiries, please consult the International Student Office at Surugadai, Izumi, Ikuta Campuses or Nakano Campus Administrative office.

Meiji University Graduate School Research Scholarship A

This scholarship aims to nurture young researchers whose purpose is to obtain a doctoral degree.
This scholarship grants about half the annual tuition fee (260,000 JPY for doctoral programs) for enrolled students who achieve the required level and grant for three consecutive years, by fulfilling the eligibilities stated by each graduate school.
Eligible recipients are selected by each graduate school.  

Financial Support for Students by Graduate School Office 【For Enrolled Students ONLY】

 ◆ Lsit of Financial Support for the Graduate Students AY 2022【PDF】

 Students who want to apply the financial supports, please ask graduate school office about the application form. 

Copy Card

 Copy Card is provided by the university for the following purposes:

(1) Assist with research work
 Copy card is provided once a year to all students in the beginning of the academic year.
 Doctoral program: Card to copy 800 sheets/year
(2) Assist with dissertation preparation
 Copy card is provided to students who are scheduled to submit their doctoral dissertation. 
 Doctoral program: Card to copy 1,000 sheets