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Schedule and Procedures

■ Application Guidelines ■ 
   Click here for Academic Year 2021-2022 "Graduate School Journal" Application Guidelines. (Last modified: June 11th)
   Also, click here to refer to Supplementary Application Guidelinesfor students of Graduate School of Global Governance.

■ Schedule ■ 
    Schedule for Publication of Research in Global Governance Academic Year 2021-2022

■ Operational Guidelines for Meiji University Academic Repository ■ 
   Click here to view "Operational Guidelines for Meiji University Academic Repository".

■ Pre-registration ■ 
   Click here to the registration page of "Pre-registration for Graduate School journal". 
   The page is available only pre-registration period. Those who fail to register are not allowed to submit a paper.

■ Forms ■ 
   The forms to be submitted are (1), (2), and (3). Please refer to (4) and (5)when you fill out the forms. 
   (1) Application Form (申請書)
   (2) Coversheet of the paper (表紙)
   (3) Screening Evaluation Sheet  (審査判定書)
 [For reference only]
   (4) Each document in English [For reference only] (記入要領)
   (5) Sample for first page of the paper body[For reference only]

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