Go Forward

The hyper-information age in which we live, with the advancement of information technology and the opening up of all sorts of ways of communication undoubtedly has its benefits. However, in some regions sufficient mutual understanding by these advanced means of communication has not necessarily been realized.

The aim of the Graduate School of Information and Communication is to act as a forum where experts from many fields can come together and bring various issues and proposals to the table, and from the perspective of "information and communication" examine the complex information society from various angles before providing feedback to others in their own discipline. In other words, our hope is to become a graduate school which works within a conversion paradigm or a creative paradigm in both education and research.

We wish to produce researchers and graduates who are able to examine the many problems of the 21st century which specialized research has hitherto failed to grapple with, and with steadfast judgment, conceive of a portfolio of ways of grasping and formulating effective academic strategic solutions in an interdisciplinary way across many fields.

In parallel to the students gaining an expert knowledge in their specialized disciplines, we have formulated a curriculum which enables students to experience an interdisciplinary approach to problems from their first participation in research projects, and we train them in having an ability to think within a creative paradigm.