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Aspire to be a π-type (pi-type) scholar!

The Meiji University Graduate School of Information and Communication was instituted in the 2008 academic year upon succession and expansion of the ideals and achievements of the Meiji University School of Information and Communication, which was established in the 2004 academic year. Both the undergraduate school and graduate school are engaged in education and research in new axes, toward the goal of “elucidating issues in contemporary society from new perspectives.” The graduate school in particular strives to develop front-line scholars capable of analyzing the hyper-information society and the activities of people who are members of it, through approaches that span different fields and proceed from the perspective of information and communication.

The Graduate School of Information and Communication is characterized by its highly interdisciplinary nature. It aims to develop the ability required to generate research with a broad reach extending from theory to practice while straddling multiple fields. This amounts to the development of what we call “π-type scholars.” In the Graduate School of Information and Communication, we liken one of the disciplines established in undergraduate studies to a single leg. If you master another discipline in addition to the first, you will have grown two legs, like the Greek letter “π.” The horizontal line bridging these two legs stands for the mastery of research methodology. Different disciplines often have different research methodologies. Interdisciplinary research requires holistic outlooks conscious of the respective strengths and weaknesses of these different methodologies. There is need for these “π-type scholars” who have acquired basic knowledge in multiple fields as their foundation, able to build flexible research methodologies crossing these fields, and to accurately apply them to new issues.

The Graduate School of Information and Communication has prepared courses in four categories of research fields and in research support, where students learn various research methodologies. We are also promoting the establishment of several research institutes devoted to specific issues. These research institutes provide an environment in which students can polish their talents as scholars while pursuing practical approaches together with faculty taking up the challenge of interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, for students who were certified as social researchers through undergraduate studies, we have also prepared a curriculum for acquisition of certification as specialized social researchers.

 We welcome students who are full of a spirit of wanting to break through the shells conventionally encasing different fields.

Dean, Graduate School of Information and Communication
Dr. ISHIKAWA Masato, 
Professor of Engineering

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