Graduate School of Information and Communication

Curriculum Chart

Master's Program

Social Studies Human Science Cultural Studies Information and Cosmological Science
Social Systems Theory,
Behavioral Economics
Contemporary Thoughts,
Humanity and Society,
Human Rights and the Law,
Gender Studies
Analyses of Language,
Structure as a System
Cognitive Informatics,
Information and Evolution
International Relations,
Public Policy
Law and Women's Study,
Family Sociology,
Intimate and Public Communication
Comparative Literature and Culture,
Social Cultural History
Theory of Media,
Life Studies,
Anthropology and Consciousness Studies
Financial Systems,
Communication Law,
Juvenile Delinquency and the Law,
Criminal Law and Modern Crime,
Theory of Social Network
Applied Ethics,
Culture and "Representation",
Intercultural Communication,
History and Philosophy of Science,
Safety Science,

Doctoral Program

Table of subjects

  • Directing Dissertation I/II
  • Multidisciplinary Approaches to Information and Communication I/II

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