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Graduate School of Global Japanese Studies

At the Graduate School of Global Japanese Studies, we believe in the importance of training people with an international perspective, a deep awareness of Japan’s place in the world, and the ability to act effectively on the basis of that awareness. In keeping with this conviction, we seek to produce scholars who understand Japanese culture and social systems in an international context, grasp and appreciate the diversity of foreign cultures and social systems, and effectively convey their own ideas through the medium of language. We are committed to active interaction with overseas educational and research institutions through the exchange of students and other means, and to conducting the kind of high-caliber research that will make the graduate school an international center for Japanese studies.

Global Japanese Studies Program

The Global Japanese Studies Program has a broad scope, encompassing the areas of Visual Culture, Pop Culture, Media and Content, Japanese Social Systems, Interculturalism and Intercultural Education, Japanese Linguistics and Japanese Language Education, English Language Education, Intercultural Relations and Cultural Transformation, and Japanese Philosophy . Providing a firm, up-to-date academic foundation, we train researchers to seek out meaningful exchange and interaction among these organically interconnected fields even while probing ever more deeply into their own concentrations.