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FAQ for Admissions

● I would like to apply for admissions to GGJS. How can I apply?

Please see details of the admissions procedure for international students in the university's entrance examination page . This page is only available in Japanese.

● Does GGJS have an English Track program?

No, we do not have an English Program at GGJS. Our courses are generally conducted in Japanese. All applicants are required to submit an approved Japanese proficiency test score. This is because without a certain Japanese proficiency level, taking courses and communicating with the professors, and writing the dissertation would be extremely difficult.

● I would like to engage in English Language Education research at GGJS. What is the Japanese proficiency level I need?

While many of the English Language Education subjects at GGJS are offered in English, most other subjects are conducted in Japanese. In addition to the coursework, you will need to use Japanese for all procedures from course registration to earning your degree. At a minimum, students need a JLPT N1 level proficiency.

● Are there any scholarships available for international students?

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) offers an embassy recommendation scholarship program. The schedule is different for each country, so please consult with the Japanese diplomatic mission in your country in advance.
For inquiries about this scholarship, please direct your inquiry to iso@mics.meiji.ac.jp

MEXT Scholarship program (Embassy Recommendation)