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Measures to restrict campus entry (From June 1)

May 28, 2020

 Students, faculty and staff, graduates and visitors
Meiji University

Measures to restrict campus entry (From June 1)

On May 8, Meiji University announced that we would implement restrictions on entry into the campus (Activity Restriction Guidelines Level 4) until May 31.

Although the government's declaration of a state of emergency was finished, we will implement entry restriction measures as Activity Restriction Guidelines Level 3 from June 1.

If the Government asks Meiji University to change the level of our Activity Restriction Guidelines and Measures to restrict entry into the campus, we will provide such information through our Home Page, Oh-o! Meiji, etc.

The key guidelines for Level 3 are as follows.
As a general rule, please refrain from entering the campus.

1 Classes and Educational Activities
Only online classes

2 Research activities
In principle the business trip is suspended.
Participation in and sponsorship of academic conferences and other research meetings are prohibited.
As a general rule, research at home is required. But you can enter into the campus if it is necessary for preparation and continuation of education and research.
* As a general rule, students should refrain from entering the campus. If it is necessary to use a laboratory (Excluding classrooms.), obtain permission from the faculty in charge in advance.

3 Extracurricular activities
All activities are prohibited.

4 Entering into campus
As a general rule, you should refrain from entering.
Only some facilities approved by the university will be available.
Those facilities are below.
(1) Library
(2) Media Facilities (Information buildings)
 ■Surugadai Campus
 ■Izumi Campus
 ■Ikuta Campus
 ■Nakano Campus
*However, the usage method, usage time, and user are different from usual. Be sure to check each HP for details.

5 Counter services
As a general rule, please use the following special inquiry form if you need help in your office.
However, if you need to visit the office due to unavoidable circumstances, be sure to obtain permission in advance from the office you are visiting.

6 Health Management and Others
(1) When entering the campus, observe the following rules.
・Before leaving home, the students should confirm that he/she has a normal temperature and physical condition (To be approximately 37.5 degrees or less.) .
・Wearing a mask at all times while entering facilities, etc.
・When entering the facilities, the antiseptic solution installed at the entrance of each facility should be used, and hand washing with soap should be encouraged after entering the facilities.
・If the students feels anxious about his/her physical condition after entering the campus, he/she should return home immediately. Before returning home, please let a nearby staff member (including clinics) know that.
・ When entering a facility, you should ensure social distance (2 m or more).
(2) Other detail is on the HP.
Please check the "Meiji University Restricted Activities Guideline".