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Food, Environment and Life

In the 20th century, due to the progress of science and technology, food productivity soared high. Along with this advancement, however, came many negative aspects like pollution and destruction of the environment. As a result, these damaging features of food production have greatly contributed to global warming. Now we are challenged with revising the relationship between man and nature, and we have to seek a new way of life. I believe that this process will lead us to the reformation of a sustainable society. The food problem is one of many great challenges for humankind. The study of agriculture faces the dual challenges of aiming toward the sustainable production of food and maintaining a healthy environment.

With regards to the 21st century being deemed the century of biology, the study of agriculture is developing at a remarkable rate through its integration with life science. The School of Agriculture, founded in 1946, includes four departments.

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Agri-food and Environmental Policy
  • Department of Agricultural Chemistry
  • Department of Life Science

To solve the problem of food production versus the preservation of the environment, the school promotes research to a great extent, and it offers unique educational programs under the umbrella of the three key words that symbolize our ideals of the 21st century: "Food, Environment and Life".


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