Go Forward


The Science of Agriculture is a comprehensive science covering a wide range of fields, from basic to applied, with the aim of contributing to human survival and life, including the analysis of biological functions, the production of foods and foods that make effective use of those functions, the conservation of the natural environment, and the maintenance of our living environment, including local communities. In other words, modern agriculture is not only an industry but also a practical study that supports our lives. More specifically, we are utilizing natural sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and social sciences, such as economics and sociology, to incorporate the development and research results of science and technology, including the rapidly evolving life sciences, and to expand the field of development.

Today, the world’s food and environmental problems are of great interest to society, and agriculture, which deal with food, environment and life, is in the spotlight. This is a strong reminder that the 21st century was called the age of biology and the age of agriculture. The Science of Agriculture is strongly required to meet such expectations.

The Meiji University School of Agriculture carries out distinctive education and research in response to the times in order to solve issues related to human survival, life, welfare, and health, focusing on the three keywords "Food, environment and life" that symbolize
our ideals of the 21st century. We sincerely hope every students studying in the School of Agriculture will understand the role and appeal of agriculture, and grow into human resources with a broad perspective, professional insight and technique, and a rich human nature that can support our future.