Go Forward

Decipher the riddles of nature, society and human beings—create a new world.

Mathematics has the power to make the world a much happier place.
This is certainly no exaggeration. This is because there are still countless answers to increasingly complex contemporary social problems that can only be derived from mathematical theories.
For example, there are answers to problems related to nature, politics, medical care, the regions, the media, and even the human mind.
At Meiji University, which leads the world as a pioneer in the mathematical sciences field, you can learn about cutting-edge mathematical sciences and information technology, and acquire the power to explain all kinds of phenomena, and the power to create and transmit new models.
Moreover you will be able to contribute to society with a global perspective. We want you to be at the forefront of your chosen field in a few years.
We want you to play a major role as a recognized authority in the mathematical sciences and as a leader in the information technology field.
So, from Meiji University to the world—the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences welcomes highly motivated students.

Department of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis

Use mathematics to explain complex phenomena.

The world around us is full to overflowing with phenomena, from the beautiful patterns of animals and plants, to medical and physiological problems such as the beat of the heart, the absorption of medicines, etc., social problems such as traffic congestion, economic recession, etc., and social phenomena such as fashions and booms. Mathematical sciences based on modeling and analysis is the subject which explains these kinds of phenomena using mathematics. The process of expressing the phenomena in the form of mathematical equations is called “modeling.” Then we actually use the “mathematical models” we have derived to repeatedly perform advanced simulations on computers, gradually revealing the true nature of phenomena which had been hidden from our eyes until then. Through its cutting-edge curriculum the Department of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis aims not merely to explain phenomena but also to develop human resources equipped with the ability and sense to be able to apply mathematical models to diverse fields. Important fields that require mathematical sciences based on modeling and analysis have now expanded beyond biology and physics to include sociology and economics, and medical science as well. This is why it is a field that can be difficult at times but is also full of unlimited exciting possibilities. Meiji University still has the only department specializing in mathematical sciences based on modeling and analysis in all of Japan. Maximize the potential of your spirit of inquiry and mathematical sense at this world-leading center of cutting-edge education and research.

Department of Frontier Media Science

Present never before experienced things to the world.

The Department of Frontier Media Science is not aiming to be “considered cutting-edge in the world.” It is not only deriving fixed answers either. The starting point is the thoughts “will this kind of thing be necessary in the world going forward?” and “wouldn’t it be interesting to create this kind of mechanism or experience?” We develop the ingenuity and technical ability necessary for this through a diverse curriculum that is based on the method of thinking used in the mathematical sciences. We realize information media systems and human interfaces for constructing an information environment tailored to the characteristics of human beings, particularly the construction of mathematical models that unlock the secrets of the sensibilities and psychology of people, and we also create the cultural content, etc., that enriches the hearts of people. While valuing your own sensibility which allows you to be surprised and excited, you can acquire the ability to contribute broadly to the development of society and culture, and in particular the continuously evolving information technology field. Furthermore, we are moving on to truly cutting-edge media which creates objects and events no-one has experienced before. We are aiming to develop innovative individuals that are capable of imagining and creating completely new value.

Department of Network Design

Grasp the connections between ever-changing things to create a smart society.

“Network” means the connections among all objects and events. Countless connections exist in the world, starting from a single power line to social infrastructure such as the telephone network, the Internet, the transportation network, etc., and the ICT systems that allow companies to conduct business across national boundaries, and these connections function dynamically every day. The Department of Network Design is aiming for more than the mere design and operation of networks. Our aim is the construction of an optimal and safe network which meets the needs of people and the environment, or in other words, the realization of a smart society. For that reason this department offers a wide variety of subjects to enable students to learn about many fields in addition to the basic engineering technology and computer technology which form the networks, including intelligent mathematical systems for flexibly solving problems and the technologies used in network designs in the immediately surrounding environment. We develop human resources capable of strongly supporting the future society infrastructure in fields such as the environment and energy, information and communications, business, etc. New education and research using reliable knowledge and techniques that will open up our daily-evolving society and support the next generation begins here.