Go Forward

We always challenge new possibilities

Mathematical sciences, which solve problems on the basis of logics and scientific approach, are highly required in our modern society which is growing more and more complex and globalized, being accompanied by lots of problems. In April 2013, Meiji University opened a new campus in Nakano, which is located in a sub-center of Tokyo, and established the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences which primarily focuses on mathematical sciences and computers. Many staff members have gathered here based on our philosophy, that is “the creation, development, and transmission of mathematical science that contributes to society”, in order to challenge new possibilities to solve lots of problems confronting us. I hope everyone with an untiring spirit of inquiry and improvement for mathematical science, for society, and for human beings, to study to the best of your power it this School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, keeping the passion in your heart strong. Let’s soar high throughout this wide world by challenging new possibilities generated by mathematical sciences.

Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences